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Bring Back The Juvenile Huntington's Disease Award In Honor Of Kelly Miller

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All these jhdkids who struggle with juvenile huntington's disease have been deprived the past 2 years when they took away the jhd award in honor of Kelly Miller, who sadly passed away from jhd, Juvenile Huntington’s disease is a Neurological degenerative terminal brain disease…JHD refers to Huntington’s disease that has an age of symptom onset ranging from Infancy to 20 years of age.

These are the responses from HDSA

2015- Is this how all the awards are given out upon, can you explain the process, anyone can fill out a form for any category? i think the community would be interested to hear this also would you like to explain more to me please i didnt know and dont know -Jacey-

Hi jacey- Yes all National Awards given out at convention are through a community nomination process. In early spring we send out an e-mail to the HDSA community letting them know that they can nominate someone and there is a form attached to it. When we receive multiple nominations in one category a panel reviews the nominees and makes decisions based on the information submitted. Not all awards have nominations submitted. This is why this year the Kelly Miller JHD award was not given out, we did not receive any nominations for it. To answer your question, yes anyone can submit a nomination for any category, you can submit multiple nominations for every category if you wish. Here is a copy of the nomination form for 2015- click here If you have any more questions please let me know Regards, Mynelly

2016-i seen yous didn't give out a jhd award when i nominated a jhd child with a few other people who also nominated for them using the info form we were told we had to fill out to nominate.. i'm a bit confused -Jacey-

Hi Jacey, It’s nice to hear from you and I hope that you are well. Unfortunately we only received one nomination for the JHD award, and the group who reviews the nominations didn’t feel there was enough information about the nominee to give the award. Hopefully next year we get more nominations and a lot more info. I want to reassure you that we really want to give out this award and I’m really committed to encouraging nominations each year. Just because we didn’t give one out this year, doesn’t mean we won’t try again. We will! Have a nice summer, and take care. Thank you for writing! Louise

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