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Maya Sibbald
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Dear Mr. Robertson and Mr. Runza,


We the students, parents, alumni, and staff of Lakefield College School would like to reinstate the previous curfews of Lakefield students (Grade 9 at 10:00pm, Grade 10 at 10:15pm, Grade 11 at 11:30pm, and Grade 12 at 11:45pm).

At Lakefield College School, we pride ourselves on the importance of maintaining the mind, body, and spirit of all members of our community. However, after the upsetting occurrence of vandalism in our school block, these three values have been compromised by the new 10:00pm curfew rule.

Many students enjoy going for a run or walk during the period of time between the end of study (9:45pm) and their curfew in order to practice personal fitness, clear one’s mind, or simply to enjoy a nice evening outside of the house. In addition, many students formerly had the opportunity to socialize during this time period, allowing for students to catch up after a busy day, or finish homework assignments together. Each of these activities is crucial to the mind, body, and spirit of our student population. The new imposed curfew jeopardizes these values. It forces students to be confined to their houses and takes away a precious time in which students participate in a variety of activities which are beneficial to our mental and physical well-being.


This act of vandalism greatly injured the fabric of trust in our community, and we as students understand and respect this. Our community has learnt a valuable lesson, and we have been reminded that this period of time after study is a privilege and not a right. However, it is necessary in order to protect the mind, body, and spirit of our community that we re-evaluate the 10:00pm curfew rule. A compromise could also be reached by creating a 10:00pm check-in.

We the students promise to respect our school. By signing this petition, we promise to live by the core values of Lakefield College School, in particular that of trust.

We the students, parents, alumni, and staff of Lakefield College School strongly request change to the new imposed curfew in the interest of protecting our students in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit.


Maya Sibbald

(On behalf of the Lakefield Community)




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