Bring Back MHS Skipper Mascot

Skip Corales
Skip Corales 50 Comments
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Mandeville High NEEDS a boost in school spirit. Bringing back the Skipper mascot and having him along the sidelines firing up seniors in the #riotzone and even the underclassmen will create an unfathomable amount of school spirit. The phenomenal school spirit will not only bring more joy to the students of MHS, but it will motivate the athletes of our great school to grind hard and win big! Go Skippers! This petition will be shown to the fantastic administration of our school in hopes of getting authorization to go through with the mascot and create a gofundme account to reach the estimated price of the customized MHS skipper mascot costume which is $1,200. Copy link and spread it on social media! Retweet it! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY OR DONATE ANYTHINF JUST OUT YOUR NAME AND EMAIL AND CLICK SIGN!



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