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Bring Back Merle Dixon

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Dear AMC

Merle Dixon Fans

Let me congratulate you all on such a hit show. The Walking Dead is one of the best shows created since the X-Files.

This letter is to petition the return of Merle Dixon to the show, not as a hallucination or a flashback. Your awesome writers should be able to work out the huge mistake that was made at writing him off. Merle was more than just a dumb redneck. He was smart, he already had a terrible life, he did not need such dishonorable death. Of coarse as fans we understand that any character can "go" in the Walking Dead; but he didn't need to be killed off so early. Most of us anticipated his return for 2 seasons. We really wanted to see more of him.

In reality, we all know that the Governor would have never beat Merle, because he was military trained. He would have never missed a shot or gave out his location. The way that he died was unrealistic to the story-line. It left many fans upset.

As fans, I think that we deserve a little more since we are the ones that continue to keep the show in the air and purchase the merchandise sold to us because we love and support the show and all the great actors in it.But for the same reason I think we should have a "Say" in the matter.We should be given a "Free Pass" and I think you all should allow the fans to be able to write a character back in. I rioted when Merle died. As a matter of fact, that is the only episode in the show that I cannot watch over and over again, I cried so much and cannot watch it again . The dishonor that the Governor bit his fingers off and then letting him turn into a walker was a disgrace. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Michael Rooker, but I know this, he played Merle very well. He gave Merle great attributes and dimensions that other wise would of been played and it would have been a very flat character borderlining psychopath and villain. Michael Rooker put a lot love into the show, he put alot of energy and deserved to live a little longer. It ok if he got killed off later but his character would of been developed and further evolved, and provided more to the group. There was much to know about his background. As fans, we all want more of Daryl and Merle.

I am not the only to think so, I even got world reknown hacktivist group called Anonymous to Riot over this too. Nearly six thousand members of the Anonymous network agreed that Merle should of not died and therefore, as member of THE WALKIND DEAD FAMILY, I am requesting in the name of all the fans that MERLE DIXON is brought back. I am sure that the writers should be able to fix it.

Thank you

Iris Arellano



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