Bring back Girard's Original French Salad Dressing!!

Dave York
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We, the undersigned, graciously request that Girard's bring back their recently discontinued Original French Salad Dressing. 

Since its introduction in 1939, it has provided a uniquely wonderful and sophisticated taste to the salads of our grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren. It has been a shining example of American product quality, stability, and longevity that is too quickly disappearing from our modern world. And it's loss would be another tragic example of the demise of an American icon.

Therefore, we graciously request that Girard's reverse their decision to discontinue manufacturing of their iconic Original French Salad Dressing so that we and future generations might once again enjoy it's uniquely wonderful and flavorful taste.





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    Ellen Harbin United States
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    Barbara J Horn United States
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