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Christian Toomey
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Just under one year ago, perhaps the finest Let's Play channel on Youtube was founded, based on the friendship of Arin Hanson and Jon Jafari. On June 25th Jon announced his departure from the show, in order to focus on putting out more of his excellent solo videos. He was replaced by Danny from NSP. While we are all deeply saddened by Jon's departure, which left a hole in the show that can never be repaired, we understand, and support Jon's decision, well aware of the fantastic quality of his solo videos. And while Danny may not be half the Grump Jon is, Arin is still on the show, and we all love Arin. Although not a mandatory goal, restoring Jon to GameGrumps, whether it be partially or completely, is a secondary aim of this petition. The main focus of this petition is to eliminate the abhorrent monstrosity that is Steam Train from the GameGrumps channel. We, the fans, find Steam Train offensive, and vile, and are absolutely disgusted that it's creators have the gall to host their putrid filth on the same channel that has hosted the incomparable Game Grumps. We feel that Steam Train should either be moved to it's own channel, or cancelled it's entirety. So long as it is not on the GameGrumps channel, we are indifferent towards it's fate. All true Grumpettes and Lovelies will NOT stand for the CRIME being perpetrated by Ross and Danny. OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD. WE WON'T TAKE THIS.



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