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We, as members of the Tera community, feel that this time you have crossed the line. The community was patient for a very, very long time with your incompetence and childish games. You have played with the boundries of how much the community can take. Count in all the false information that was given to us. False because now you are changing almost each one of your previous statements. Here are only some of the examples of how Frogster is insulting their customers: "Hi, the current rating is indeed 12, but there won't be any cuts compared to the US version. The final rating is still pending, but for now we always received a rating of 12 from both PEGI and USK (German rating board) for trailers and preview versions of TERA. Regards, Raven" "There are changes, but you're aware of those, when it comes to Elin, PvP, etc. As you already know the US version received a Mature rating, there are just sometimes differences between different rating boards in different countries, as you can clearly see. It's not like blood is getting removed from the game, but of players can turn it off in the options, if they like to. Regards, Raven" "Greetings, we had to remove the possibility to use custom guild emblems, as there were cases of inappropriate pictures. Seal" "frogster claims there have been "inappropriate" pictures used, so they had to turn it off and that they're trying to figure out a way to censor the emblems. is EME doing the same? or is this just another mega retarded frogster stunt?i am starting to question my decision to preorder tera tbh :X at least the EU one that is. -Skukoo Guild emblems are available in TERA... -MerryAgony" "Expect alot of EU players to come to NA. If you check the forums you see a thread about blood censorship -> 460 posts and 16000 views in 15 hours. Never even knew those forums were this active :/. Damnit frogster -FlameStick The blood will not be removed from the En Masse version; feel free to bathe in the blood of your enemies. -KnoXXer (Brian Knox)" <-- There you go, Frogster. Even En Masse is making fun of you. This is an example of Frogster's insults to a reasonable mind. Note, that you are not fooling us - you are making fools of yourselves. Lets look at what the customers have to say about that: "Today, I feel betrayed, cheated. It seem obvious in my eyes, that the buisness route Frogster have choosen is not going to please nor to respect the faithful community of Tera fan. I've lost my trust. It seem that they cater the game to make it easy, appealing and safe for young players. It seem to me that they are preparing the game to be F2P." - Elloa "I for one hoped Frogster would treat this title like a golden ticket to become more than a crappy f2p company with a poor name. Sadly they proved me wrong." - HauntingBard "Again, we're REMOVING features instead of fixing it ... Come on. Learn to f*ing fix a game instead of destroying what someone ELSE made..." - Majiinfreddy "Why oh why do you have to punish an *ENTIRE* community for the mistake made by few people? DO you think this is FAIR towards people who always behave well and enjoyed customizing the guild emblem? This is a method I've only seen in the kindergarten. "If the guilty guy won't confess, I will punish the entire class!" said the teacher, to scare the kids. Never seen this method ever again. Next time someone makes a mistake, PLEASE, leave the innocent people out of it. Take measures against who is GUILTY, contact them personally, don't punish the whole community. And remember, we are paying you." - Faith88 "At least I have some time left to give it a though and ask for a refund and play on the US servers. It's painfully obvious that Frogster doesn't deserve to publish a title like this." - HauntingBard "Raven, you understand that people have PAID due to expectations matured during vids of KTERA, your company's announcments, CBT1 to CBT5 etc... THEY BOUGHT IT BECAUSE THEY LIKED WHAT THEY SAW and WHAT THEY COULD TOUCH WITH THEIR OWN HANDS !!! EVERYTHING ELSE IS AN ALTERATION OF THE SELLING AGREEMENT and YOU GUYS HAVE ALTERED THE STATE OF A PRODUCT WHICH WAS ALREADY PAID FOR WHAT IT IS NOW NOT ANYMORE. Bloodshed, sexual explicits, undwear etc... were incorporated and HAVE TO BE THERE once you sell it after you show it THIS WAY ! It's an Asian style mmorpg and you should respect what you have presented as product to sell and what you have presented for touching by ourselves to convince us to buy the product. And especially you should respect the artdesign of a conceptwork which is already on the Asian market for more than a year now. You should respect the product itself. THAT'S A KIND OF FRAUD and YOU GUYS SAW THAT COMING AND YOU KNOW THAT !!! Please be aware that the community is not made of stupids or dickheads and that we are mainly MATURE ppl here. This really smells like fraud, I am afraid to say this, but be aware that this can have consequences. You promised ppl TERA ? Then deliver it AS IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DELIVERED !!! You promised ppl TERA ? DELIVER THE ORIGINAL. Is that the famous German quality for doing business ??? You don't want me to spam this "message" in all famous dedicated online websites, do you ? Think about it... Answer." - Zannabianca "But no one at Frogster thought ' HEY! some of these guys might use a swastika logo as a guild emblem'. You just had to look at the arena chat for 10 minutes , that's it!. What the hell do you think? The guy talking graphically about child porn and Hitler raging on about the holocaust. It was not just this one time, it was about every freaking time at low and high level. I just can't wrap my head around it. Are you guys really that incompetent?" - HauntingBard "But there was no GM to control these kind of things, full out harassment on the chat start to finish" - HauntingBard As paying customers, we demand from you to take care of this issue. We demand an official statement from the people who are actually managing Frogster, not 'community managers' who didn't do their job from the start. Be aware, that the fate of Tera EU is hanging in the balance. Be aware, that your next steps will decide on whether you will have customers in the future. First think, then do things. Not like it's been up until this point, please. Credits to Karneelya.

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