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Bring Back Blonde Sungjong

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Lee Sungjong is the youngest member and vocalist of the kpop boy group Infinite, which first debuted during the year of 2010. Before the Dawn was a song and era that a lot of us may know and love dearly, if not you should totally look it up ok here is the dance video for BTD.

So, during this immensely loved Infinite era, it contained many new and intriguing changes in the members ranging from the dance, type of song, or their style. A few examples of this would be Jang Dongwoo's vibrant bright red hair, Lee Howon's emo layers and fringe, Nam Woohyun's sleek and straight dark hair (that suits him so frickin well), yknow Kim Myungsoo's got that emo fringe too, Kim Sunggyu's well suited short and purposely messy hair, Lee Sungyeol's hair... nothing rlly special about it bc he was so underrated.. it sTILL LOOKS AMAZING THO. Getting to the point, Lee Sungjong's long, beautifully wavy, light blonde hair in a ponytail.. this hair needs a comeback, and it has to happen soon.


Sungjong's blonde hair should finally make a comeback. Infinite recently revealed that Woohyun will be having a solo album and that Infinite F an Infinite H will also be having a comeback. I have provided many reasons why Sungjong should go blonde again:

  • Change is great! Switching it up every so often is exciting and refreshing.
  • On the topic of change, changing to blonde hair is perfect for a comeback because it gets everybody talking. (cough cough infinite f comeback)
  • A lot of people love his blonde hair and feel that it really suits him. We can all agree that Sungjong pulls off almost every hair style and color, but in blonde he looked absolutely beautiful.
  • Even Sungjong himself loved his blonde hair. If he loves it, why shouldn't we?
  • It was a literal blessing, who would've known one man could look so amazing in a hair color.
  • It saved me.
  • It saved kpop.
  • It saved the earth.

So, if you want blonde Sungjong to make a comeback, sign this petition! If it reaches it's goal, only positive things can result from it! I hope that all of you Sungjong lovers will sign this, and even if you're being sent this link from some kpop trash and you know nothing about kpop I hope you will still sign this :^)

@ woolliment pls

Thank you for reading! Please support Infinite's Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo, and Sungjong!

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