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Bring Back Aloe Body Butter

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The Body Shop's Aloe Body Butter was a staple in our daily routines for nearly a decade. It was the most gorgeous, skin calming, fragrance-free moisturiser, and pretty much the only thing I ever found that kept my eczema at bay. I know I'm not alone in loving this product as it was featured on skin safe and sensitive skin websites. It gave you amazingly smooth skin all over. Now the Body Shop have discontinued it and I know I'm not the only one missing it. Even the sales rep I spoke to said she used to use it all the time and was disappointed with the decision. Not everyone can use fragranced products, Body Shop HQ, even if it's just a little linalool or parfum, so please don't leave us sensitive customers out. You've always been inclusive in the past and I know you can do it again!

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