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This proposal was put to the school by Amanda Pressley and some of the students but the principal would not even read it.

We are asking people to sign the petition in support of the proposal. 

Proposal to Bribie Island State High School for a memorial garden, which will be a gift from all Year 12 students - 2010 as a lasting memory of the peers who have had their lives cut short – and for the people left behind. Schools are about learning lessons, as is life... Each person that passes, we can learn a positive lesson from, when we forget the tragedies of those who have gone before us; we forget learning a valuable lesson. Death can be embraced positively through the lessons each life leaves behind – a life cut short through unavoidable tragedy encourages gratefulness for what one is blessed with, and to live one’s life to the fullest. A life taken by choice brings a sorrowful, but powerful awakening of the consequences of actions taken. 
(Kids learning from the suffering of others/ treasuring the value of life) 
If you can find the lessons, it helps ease the suffering. Historically, monuments are a way of keeping history alive, a way to represent lives from the past. We need to remember the past  because it reminds us Of Our Blessings. By remembering the people who have touched our lives and the tragedy of their passing, it’s hard to look back and not be grateful for the blessings we've had. From tragedy can come great lessons, and in absorbing these lessons one can grow as a person. Through a life lost, another is saved, or at the very least enriched… by means of remembrance, lessons learnt, and the enhancement of the lives left behind. 

"Mourning is one of the most profound human experiences that it is possible to have...
The deep capacity to weep for the loss of a loved one and to continue to treasure the memory of that loss is one of our noblest human traits". -- Shneidman (1980) The memorial garden would be a Comfort to all, both now and in future years.....especially for family and friends .It will be a place to express grief and remember joy! 

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us." ~ Helen Keller 

The memorial garden will be a Symbol of respect and remembrance. It will encourage our youth to learn from life, enable personnel growth, it is unfortunate but death is part of our life process we must learn respect for ourselves and for others! 
The Bribie Island high school memorial garden is to be a positive reminder, that life is precious! I really believe the youth of today are more capable of dealing with and expressing emotions, as they have to deal with the realities of life at a much younger age. These are some ideas that the students themselves have for supporting the memorial garden. These are quotes from a wide variety of students from year 8 through to ex students.

“A Life unexpectently cut short teaches us to value our life and the people who are in it, and may help people to be more positive and remind them to be kind to one another.”  A memorial garden remembers these students and the lessons we can learn from their lives.- “Monuments and memorials are used all over the world... to commemorate people lost in events of the past... everywhere from national circumstances... high schools... to people’s backyards... - a way of keeping history alive, representing the past.” Jaime Pressley  

“The memorial garden is a great idea because these people have touched our lives and it’s a good way to remember them and that life is valuable” Brooke Bailey 

“The memorial garden is a place of rememberance, and a perfect way to show respect, it will be there for the future.” Ben Neville 

“A memorial garden would be great to keep alive memories of past friends, for now and when our children are at the school in the future.” Tom Roedder 

“The memorial garden would be an awesome way to remind people about all the things that we have lost through the passing of our mates.” Ryan Miller

“A memorial garden at our school would be the best idea in the world, knowing we have a place to go when we are down or to go too chill and remember the people that we have lost. We want to remember and never forget the ones that aren’t here anymore; this means a lot to the students of Bribie high.” Britterz 

 “A memorial garden would be a nice way to show the respect that the students have for their peers that have passed. It would be a good place to go when we are upset to remember those who aren’t with us anymore. It would really mean the world to us. Sarah Neville 

The memorial garden is a perfect way to show respect for people who have passed at Bribie high. For friends, peers and the whole community” Sam Neville

 A memorial garden is a great idea. “Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things anyone will go through in life; I know it was for me. To be able to have some where to go when you are missing that special someone, who is no longer with you .you feel like you are with them again. Hayley Bennett 

A memorial garden would be a great way to remember those who have touched our lives but have had their lives cut short. It is a great way to share their legacy for future generations and remind everyone to live their lives to the fullest.” Katie Miller

“A memorial garden is a good idea because it enables those affected by these tragedies to leave their own tribute. It gives us a way to remember the past and to cherish the people we love. It helps remind the students Past and present and the community that we need to hold on to what we love and to stand up for what we believe in. It also helps unite the community and bring together people for a purpose. It allows us to respect and honour the past and helps us look forward to the future.” Jayde DeVries

 Teenagers, adults, children and the wider community would all benefit from a memorial garden being established at Bribie Island High School. The reasons are endless and all positive. In establishing the garden the students are learning about community spirit and how it feels to be doing something for a positive reason. Positive actions and thinking will enrich their lives. The Garden will be a place of beauty and remembrance. A garden circular in design, will ensure no person is placed more importantly than any other, it also signifies the circle of life. Individual rocks with small plaques to be inserted into the circle. Easy Maintence, but will be designed professionally as we want this to be a lasting momument, for decades to come. Funding will be community donated, as will supplies, at no cost to the school itself, apart from some minimal maintence as in watering and occasional trimming. The year 12 students of this year would like to suggest that a year 12 committee be formed which can pass on the care and control of the garden, to each year 12 class of the future, including the reasons why the garden has been formed and the basic ideas of why it is important to respect life and each other.


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