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Ban Religious Child Grooming

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The target of this petition is to ban teaching and preaching theist fiction as being actual fact and to ban frauding children into believing in the nonevidential supernatural world and a mythical God despite having zero physical evidence in support of those claims.


Thanks to the Bible; the evidence in favour of atheism over theism is phenomenal, indisputable and conclusive. During the past 122 years since the Death of Charles Darwin, Darwin's theory of evolution has been thoroughly proven as a fact, no missing link is required anymore, we have the beginning, the end and the bulk of the chain, we can now see we've got a chain, we can now see we've got the chain of evolution. And the chain of evolution is not just a chain of evidence for evolution, it also acts as a chain of evidence against the biblical accounts of creation. Which means evolution isn't the largest body of evidence against God; the Bible is! The Bible has been totally discredited and exposed as a sham and a catalogue of deceit, the proven fact of evolution has reduced the Bible from being the largest compilation of reasoning in favour of the existence of God, into the largest compilation of evidence against God. If a criminal presented such a massive catalogue of proven lies and deceit, without a shred of physical evidence to accompany it, he or she would be laughed out of court, whilst he or she was being taken away to be sectioned to a mental hospital. When Charles Darwin first published his theory of evolution, along with a stack of evidence to validate his theory, he automatically demoted the nonevidential theory of God into the league of obsolete theories. But now that evolution has been proven, God has been relegated again, God has now been relegated to the league of mythical creatures. Without physical evidence nobody can ever prove there's no deity, in the same way that nobody can ever prove there's no fire breathing dragons, and the proven fact of evolution means that a mountain of physical and scientific evidence is required, before God can even be considered for promotion back to the league of obsolete theories, never mind back to the league of actual theories.


And all this evidence we have in absolute proof of evolution and against the existence of God, brings me to the following conclusion: We should ban religious child grooming on the grounds that it's immoral, unethical and dangerous to groom children into believing that fiction is fact; only proven facts should ever be taught as being actual facts.


Religious child grooming pollutes the minds of future generations and thus perpetuates most of the troubles in the world; without religious child grooming the twin towers would still be standing and thousands of bloody wars and mass ethnic cleansing acts of genocide would never have occured.


If you believe that it's unethical to teach fiction as being fact and that only proven facts should be taught to vulnerable young minds; please sign this petition. The greater the number of people who sign this petition; the louder the voice and the greater the chance of change.


Faith schools should be banned outright, on the grounds that grooming children to place their faith in a nonevidential supernatural world is unethical and educationally counterproductive towards raising normal well-adjusted people, and teaching children that fiction is fact, amounts to fraud. Also, the tiny percentage of money that the cults put into faith schools is ill-gotten gains, raised from the proceeds of fraud, and it shouldn't be legal for cults to perpetuate their fraud by allowing them to run schools and mentally abuse children into believing in mythical creatures and mythical places. Also, massive government funding goes into faith schools, and it's totally unethical and immoral to use tax payers hard earned money to groom children into believing in a nonevidential supernatural world and a mythical God. The schools are for educating children, not for mentally abusing them and grooming them into brainwashed cult members. Religious fraudsters have been getting away with fraud for thousands of years, simply by hiding behind the word "faith", and it's time criminals who hide behind the word faith were held to justice for their lies, discrepancies and crimes whether they're religious or not.


Here's an example of religious child grooming, please view this link:


"Religion is the art of child grooming". Even religious adults ought to agree that grooming children into believing fiction is fact, is immoral, unethical and dangerous; but religious adults were so effectively groomed as children themselves, they're beyond ethics, truth and reasoning.


The true definition of the word blasphemy is; the immoral and unethical principle of condemning and censoring atheist truths which can't be rebutted by theists.


I don't think it'll be as hard as some people think to bring in new rules to ban religious child grooming in the education system, because what it really amounts to is banning fraud against children in our schools, and fraud is already illegal, therefore it's just a matter of highlighting and publicizing to the world that mass fraud against children is taking place, and in a matter of time all leaders, religious or not will be forced to act on the crime of teaching fiction as being fact and mentally abusing and deliberately misinforming children. The fraud laws are already in place, and those laws are the vehicle to get religious child grooming banned. The word indoctrination doesn't describe the reality of religious brainwashing, the religions work on childrens minds in the same way as paedophiles, they groom them both subtly and blatantly and in every other way in between, throughout the childrens entire childhoods, religious mental child abuse is systematic, cunning, relentless and often brutal. Therefore "religious child grooming" is the only term that accurately describes that prolonged method of abuse.


Human knowledge has been set back thousands of years by the religious cults, because almost all the great writers and great artists of the past were almost all victims of religious child grooming, and therefore they unknowingly wasted their entire lives working on promoting lies and deceptions. If we didn't have an history of thousands of years of religious child grooming; all the ancient masters and writers would have devoted their lives to the real world of truth and reality, rather that to the nonevidential supernatural world of lies and deceit. Therefore religion has actually set back human knowledge by thousands of years and corrupted thousands of years of human history.


Religious people often rant about how many scientists believe in God, my answer to that is: All scientists who believe in God, are scientists who were also victims of religious child grooming. Without religious child grooming in the world there wouldn't be any religious scientists in the world or any religious people at all.


St Francis Xavier (1506 - 1552) Wrote: "Give me the children until they are seven and anyone may have them afterwards." meaning - I will have them so indoctrinated by then no mater what knowledge they may gain subsequently they will not get past (over) what I have taught them.

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