I agree that Brazil is in need of a homeless shelter and I support it.

Nattalie mcclelland
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I want everyone to think about something. Have you ever been homeless Has your stomach ever been empty I mean really empty! Have you ever drove around the town of Brazil and seen some of the shelters people call home and are even happy to have that roof over their head. There are rentals in this town that need to be condemned but they are bulging with families. Do you believe that given choice that those people would not want better for their families They all have a story about how they came to be in the position they are in and yes some of those stories could have had different endings if only different choices were made at the time, but we all have made mistakes.


We are people just like you, concerned about the rights of others. We have seen too many people falling by the way side because they have no where to turn. Poor people, domestic violence victems, women, children, disabled, men, black, white, mexican, no one is exempt. It may be that you know someone like this with a story of their own. Please, whether you do or not, sign with us to help others.