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Boys And Girls Should Be Treated Equally

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Girls and boys should be treated equally
Did you know that about 130 million girls around the world don’t go to school ? Countries such as Bangladesh ,Brazil , Ghana, Pakistan, The Philippines and Zambia are countries that forbid girls to go to school. We strongly believe that all people despite their gender, should have the same rights. Discriminating girls put them in a lower position since they are not getting many opportunities.16 million girls won’t set foot in a classroom due to this problem .

Have you ever heard about forced marriage? Well, forced marriage is when your parents choose who you are going to marry at a young age. Over 650 million woman alive were forced to get married as children by their parents. Due to forced marriage, these children will most likely get pregnant before they turn 18. Since they are getting married at a young age they are most likely to get pregnant soon after .Considering that they are still young, sometimes they die in the process or the babies are born with diseases .

On a second note, have you heard of the Kamalari practices? Kamalari practice means that young girls are sent by their parents to other people’s homes to serve them in exchange of food and shelter. This is a problem that is happening around Nepal and affects many girls from 6 years old to 18 years old. This is the case is Suma , a girl from Nepal. She was forced by her parents to go and work when she was 6 years old . She had to go to a random stranger house and sleep there and work for almost 18 hours. Kamalari girls are not allowed to step foot out the house only if their master says to. What is even more shocking is that If the Kamlari girls escape their parents would send them back to the master!

I hope you are convinced that girls around the world are suffering this problem and we need to do something about it.I truly believe that girls should have the same rights as boys and everyone should have the right to education. For all these reasons, we hope you can support us by signing this petition. If possible can you help me get 50 signatures or more .

Brings happiness to the world not gender inequality!

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