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Fed up Leaf Fans. Boycott the Leafs/ACC

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Every leaf fan keeps going through the same motions every season. It's a ridiculous build up to an ongoing disappointment. Outrageous ticket prices, the highest the league knows, a consistent sold out capacity supporting a team designed to do nothing but bring in the dollars for the suits at the MLSE and their partners and KEEP LOSING. Toronto sports fans are either, the most loyal fans in the world, or too stupid to realize that things are never going to change. That's right, "NEVER GOING TO CHANGE". This includes the Raptors and the TFC. Not unless the ACC and BMO starts seeing a diminishing attendance...TELEVISED DIMINISHING ATTENDANCE!!!!! It's the only way..... I know, I know corporations have bought the tickest already, all paid for and such, and a huge part of the seats are being filled by the well to do or the well to do's friends, families and associates. On occasion, a middle class family with an only child. Sure it’s hard not to go to the games. I love it too, but as smart man sporting a crazy moustache once said, "Insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result". Leaf fans are insane if they think continuing this kind of support for a compulsive LOSER will ever change things. Stop making rockstars out of a Losing team. It should be more like, "You're nobody until you're somebody" to every player that puts on the Blue and white. 

Let's pull together and make a very strong statement. “Enough is enough”. Unless the MLSE bring a cup contender to Toronto, not 3 years from now, but now, the only way Leaf fans will see them LOSE a game will be from home. And not on Leaf’s TV, Cancel that F%#&^*& S#@^ too. If all Leaf fans bite the bullet this one time, like any other WINNING CITY, and truly make an effort on this petition it will make a difference. Leaf fans should be sick and tired of being sick and tired! 

WHAT GOOD IS A DRAFT PICK IN TORONTO, HONESTLY. The only thing we breed in this town are young PR tools to go out to the public and be poster boys for a franchise that is swimming in PROFIT. Young stars are ruined here! Just look what happens to them when they play for another team. Especially a franchise that doesn't overwhelm them with press and PR engagements just cause they play for the leafs. BULL!@$#.

A TELEVISED EMPTY HOUSE IS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO ANY ENTERPRISE. Hurt them where it hurts, Bell and Rogers pocket books just got a hole lot bigger. What is the motivation for them? Think about it. Call me crazy!

PS: When our boys in Blue start racking up some wins... " Don't fall into the trap again" It happens every season! It starts to feel like that, ONE, TWO or THREE wins, or maybe a streak has made the leafs a sudden contender and all of a sudden, "OH maybe this year is the year". STOP Diluting yourselves. Boycott the ACC, THE GAMES, the concessions stands, TAKE A STAND for this one time, cause it has never happened in Toronto. But it seems to have worked for the best teams in the league. Isn't that STRANGE?

 Fans Have the POWER to change things. Show that you're Pissed off and DEMAND to see the RICHEST team in the NHL win for a change!



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