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Stand By Mike Vick Boycott the NFL

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I, The Undersigned, sincerely believe as the overall Black community believes that the harsh treatment against Mike Vick is wrong on so many levels, and that the suspension of his career is a direct result of institutional racism and White Supremacy. As Whites who are smug have a tendency to state that we play the race card, I will point out the racist practices. As the majority Black community has stated(but is too afraid to speak because of Peta and sponsorship), the NFL is a very racist entity, so racist that it has to celebrate when two Black coaches finally get a chance to coach. The racism and oppression does not stop or start with the NFL as the media (institutions such as CNN) only perpetuate and give a microphone to their evil and biased voices. We clearly understand your enormous attachment to \"dogs\" as they were your only friend during the cavemen/ice age days, however we believe that your inability to separate fact from fiction is causing a delusional breakdown, and your loyalty is very hypocritical. You want to save dogs, but you murder Iraqi children and women every day. You want to save dogs, but you have secret torture camps for human beings every day. You want to save dogs, but you beat Black men and kill and assassinate Black men on a consistent basis. You want to save dogs, but you systematically isolate Black children - not allowing them the rights to the same hospital care. You want to save dogs, but you ignore our missing Black children on television as you leave no stone untouched trying to find your children. We understand that the NFL, its sponsors, and allies (MTV i.e. Janet Jackson) has a history of being blatantly racist, and not only do we understand this we will stand firm by no longer supporting any sponsors that support the NFL and its harsh judgment. We know that the NFL is racist based on the hypocritical \"indefinite\" suspension. We ask the question to White America: How many NFL owners are hunters While we expect the majority of White America to scurry to cover up their racist practices and judgments. We will now take on the argument of domestication vs. non-domestication: The pitbulls that he bred were not considered \"house pets\". So the argument for domestication vs. non domestication is a moot point. America knows this. And so does the Humane Society. If those animals that Mike Vick allegedly bred were domesticated animals, why are they being put to sleep The treatment of animals and human beings for that matter has always been questionable throughout the history of the European\'s desire and underlying psychosis to conquer the world. There has always been a historical conquer of animals, and even humans (i.e. the Native Americans, Blacks, and etc). America takes their children to celebrate their inhumane practices when they go to look at a captured lion, zebra, polar bear. Yes the practices of ill abuse exist right in America at our community Zoos. Taking animals out of their habitat to watch them for our entertainment is cruel and unusual punishment, but I don\'t see anyone closing the zoos. Europeans no longer need to hunt animals to live - but I don\'t see anyone calling out Dick Cheney for his hunting practices. And how many of us as Americans are vegetarians As we go to the grocery store to purchase food, do we sincerely want to know the process in which we received the hamburger we eat, or the chicken that we fry America\'s double standard and hypocrisy is so blatant and ridiculous that it will force all non-Whites to separate from the continous racist acts. The hunter and gather days are over. So why the need for hunting Ask Dick Cheney, or the friend that he accidently shot. Is Dick Cheney unemployed The media is a medium that continues to saturate us with their double standards. But we are very glad that the white robes are off of our television sets. When Lindsay Lohan has a case and episode of drunk driving she gets off, but Lil Kim gets a year for lying(perjury). When Paris has a case of drunk driving, she gets off, but CNN has this desire to attack \"rappers\". Janet Jackson is condemned yet MaDonna adored for her same raunchy behavior. There is a compassion for White America that can be seen throughout, and there is a villianization attached to the Black community, that is very clear. We do not support animal cruelty, as we did not support slavery. But we do understand that there is a double standard and if the NFL does not let Mike Vick in we will do whatever it takes to ensure that NONE of the sponsors are supported - those who support the NFL There is a clear double standard and America\'s hypocrisy is laughable. The clear double standard is so despicable, that I call upon the Black community to boycott all NFL sponsors. If Dick Cheney isn\'t fired, Mike Vick better not be!


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