Boycott K-Mart

Taylor Made
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In the economy we live in now, each dollar that we make is like winning the lotto because you've worked hard for it. We're able to pay our mortgages, car notes, put food on the table and clothes on our children's backs. And, when you spend money from your hard work that you've put in; you expect to get what you pay for. Now, like everyone in the world shopping online is a wonderful convenience but to be ripped off makes you feel as though you were held up at gun point. I've been a K-Mart brand shopper for years even before the internet. I am beyond disappointed that I've been ripped off and it appears as though that I can't get justice for it. I feel like a rape victim who has to sit and watch her attacker walk free. If you've purchased something from K-Mart whether it was online or in a local store and you've been ripped off!! This is where we need to unite and DEMAND the CUSTOMER SERVICE that we deserve as paying customers.




  • 5 years ago
    Gwen Taylor United States
    5 years ago