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LotR Cast: Boycott the Fellowship Festival!

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This petition asks the cast and crew of the Lord of the Rings movies not to attend the \"Fellowship Festival\" which is scheduled to take place at the end of August 2004 in London. It\'s neither in the interest of the fans nor in the spirit of the movies, which praises friendship, trust and fellowship. The organisers of this event have been consistently misinforming and cheating LotR fans, disregarding the risk of financial loss and hurt feelings. In December 2003 the organisers of the \"Fellowship Festival\" announced that this event would take place in April 2004 in London. They promised a memorable event, with real \"quality time with the cast\", workshops, parties etc. By the end of January 2004 they would be announcing who was going to attend and where to buy the tickets. Until February 10th 2004 no information had been given to the fans. Rumours started spreading that the Festival had never been planned for April 2004 but only for August 2004. When the pressure from the fans grew too big, the organisers found they couldn\'t go on with their tactic of misinformation and told the fans on February 11th that the Festival would only be taking place in August 2004. They told the fans that on January 28th 2004 they had been informed of the double-booking of the location where the event should have taken place. Instead of letting fans know immediately about this change, they decided to wait another 2 weeks, again taking into account that people were preparing for April. Only because the fans were starting to ask uncomfortable questions did they tell the truth. Obviously, fans who expected to attend the Festival (which had been set to take place in April until well into February) had booked plane tickets and hotel rooms. But they didn\'t only lose money - a lot of fans felt betrayed, hurt and angry. Please sign the petition to make your voice heard. Fans of the Lord of the Rings deserve a more respectful treatment than this. We ask the cast and crew to respect the fans\' interests and to not take part in a festival which is organised by people who only have their own interest in mind and don\'t care about the films or the fans.


This petition has been started in the name of all the fans who had their hopes up and have been disappointed or even suffered financial damage because of the deceptive information of the organisers. We deserve more respect.

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