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We agree to boycott Chinese goods

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There un-fortunatly is no shortage of confirmed reports  of the barbaric practise of extracting Bear bile from the gall bladder of live animals.


These reports are to harrowing to read.


Please can you sign the petition,and give thought to how we may end this practise.

The idea is to affect buisnesses in this country by the means of a boycott as well as the non puchase of imported Chinese goods.Please also keep in mind that if the product shows no country of origin,then it will be Chinese.


The type of sevices that we can affect will be the Chinese resturants,Nail bars and goods brought in.

When the numbers of the signed petition incease then they will be presented to our goverment as well as the Chinese Embassy.

Please have a look at the links below,or to the side of the article. I do not advise looking at the first one The Chinese Embassy sites can be contacted stating your views( please keep it good natured) which will also help the cause.



  1. The cruelty of sucking gallbladder juice (bile) from live bears in China 
  • Political Counsellor Zheng Yi Email:
  • Press Counsellor Liu Weimin email
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