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Boycott WWE (sick of john cena)

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Is anyone else sick to death of WWE now? I mean, when will any other wrestler get any attention OTHER than John Cena? The guy cant wrestle, he is boring and he seems to win 99 out of 100 fights. Vince gives this guy everything and if he does lose, it will never be a loss without someone 'cheating'. What a pathetic industry they have turned this in to. Cena probably has about 30% of fans on his side, however what WWE dont seem to understand is that 60% of fans cant stand him! Just how many of the older fans (16plus) start to realise the guy is a joke and stop watching wrestling? Wrestling was a part of our lives but now is just a load of rubbish - same old same old. The other 10% just dont really care. Now fair enough, some fans like him, but what about the 60% that cant stand Cena? Surely they should cater for us too? Out of the last 8 wrestlemania, Cena has headlined FIVE (last three in a row!) I mean, surely by now they should have at least built up another wrestler that could give us old school fans something back? We dont really see Triple H much more, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Ziggler and others dont seem to get a chance! Randy Orton was building up as one of the best wrestlers WWE had ever seen and now suddenly, to keep Cena at the top, Orton now loses to Mark Henry like he is a nothing? Wrestlemania was the last straw for me, theres only so much of John Cena not losing, kicking out of rock bottom after rock bottom, pedigrees, chairshots, sledge hammers, run over by a trucks that i can take. He headlines each main event, talks on the mic for hours and now its just too much. Time for me to remember the memories of the great wrestlers of the past, WWE is now DEAD for us old school fans. It was fun while it lasted (until 2005). Sign this if you are one of us, old school wrestling fans......

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