Boycott Tivoli Amusement Park

Giovanna Gia Mona-Campola
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Tivoli Amusement Park was established in 1843.  It has drawn visitors form Copenhagen, and around the world for years.  The Tivoli Gardens boast an enchanting, amusing atmosphere.
What Tivoli does not publicize is it's recent partnership with Copenhagen Fur.
There is nothing enchanting or amusing about the fur industry.  Fur farms are heinous, at best.  Animals are raised in fear, pain and confusion. This grievous life culminates in death by anal electrocution, beating and skinning alive.  The animals are defenseless.
With the resurgence of real fur apparel we must send a message that this is wrong. We can not abandon compassion and intelligence for greed, vanity and hedonism.
This partnership has no place in a supposed "family oriented" atmosphere and sends an apathetic, condoning message.
Please boycott Tivoli.  Tell them why.





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