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Muhammad Talal
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Although Facebook earning 47% of its revenues from Muslims but still without any guilt they organized 20th MAY event, which is disgraceful for Facebook owners, thus showing its Blatant Profanity. Freedom of expression does not mean to hurt the sentiments of an individual or group or nation. Freedom of Expression is meant to make yourself feel like human, live like human and consider others as human. 

 On May 31, Facebook will be the most visited site in the cyber world and this will continue for days, which will surplus the loss Facebook has incured. People will comment, play games, poke, put statuses about Facebook being blocked, and about how much they missed it or hate the Facebook Authorities. But none will think about Muhammad (PBUH) who was always thinking about us! 

 Just think about it being a Muslim and in love of our Holy Prophet, you are called upon to sign this PETITION to stand against the Facebook Blasphemy. Sign it if you want Facebook to be blocked and want to attack facebook by boycotting facebook forever!






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