Boycott BT Sport for their anti-Arsenal Advertising

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We all understand football clubs will often be on the negative end of a TV advert, but BT Sports current advertising campaign for the 2014/15 Barclays Premiere League season goes a step too far.

Arsenal feature in a series of TV, Radio, Digital & Print Media focused around a series of events from last seasons Premiere League. Included in this is the 6-1 defeat to Liverpool, the 6-3 defeat to Man City and most ludicrously the incorrect sending off of Kieran Gibbs at Stamford Bridge.

The latter is not even a footballing matter, an embarrassing case of mistaken identity that they are using as a reason to watch the Premiere League? Nothing to do with the great football in the Premiere League.

They have since released a thinly veiled attempt to mask the bias with a look at the Arsenal v Liverpool FA Cup game, in which Arsenal won, however this came some 10 days later than the others and is clearly an attempt to rectify the clear negativity.

Arsenal now feature in all 4 game specific adverts - surely that in itself is a clear indication of some vendetta.

Arsenal fans are the most social media active of all the Premiere League and we can definitely make our feelings heard. Sign the petition and hopefully we'll get an explanation from BT Sport, at least.



August 4
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