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Battle Nations Players Unite and call to boycott King

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Recently Z2, The Seattle based game company who makes Battle Nations was purchased by King Digital Entertainment. In the beginning some Battle Nations fans seemed optimistic with this merger, but recently we players have noticed the game has taken a shocking turn for the worst.

1. About Battle Nations: The free to play game, which offers payment options for upgrades and bonus features, is one thousands of players around the world have grown to love. The brilliant game layout is extensive and complex, yet it’s online gaming feature allows users to interact with one another within Guilds, where we help each other become better players, trade tips and make friends. The game is designed to host a series of events and promotional offers, which the players look forward to, and pool their efforts within their guilds in order to have optimal success. At one point, an event was held monthly, in more recent times, the events became fewer, but when an event was mentioned by the administrators of the online game forum, the event took place. If there was ever an issue that neended resolve, be it technical or otherwise, a player would submit what is called a support ticket within the forum to the administration, where they were promptly met with friendly service in a timely manner and in almost every case reported, the issue was resolved.

2. What has happened since the merger of King and Z2: It is unclear to the players exactly what has taken place within the Z2 headquarters, but what is evident to all players now is an overwhelming amount of negligence from Z2 staff that had not existed prior to said merger. First, Battle Nations has been removed from the server “Steam”, which resulted in hundreds of players being forced to quit their beloved game for not having the means to access it otherwise. We have yet to see certain promised additions including an upgrade to the game, a new “Boss Strike event as well as an option to acquire more units to use in game play. These things were officially mentioned by the staff in the forums and were not delivered within the time of projected release. This would not seem so concerning to many of the players already accustomed to the recent yielding of activity since the merger if not for the fact that not a single reply from Z2 staff from the in numerous “Support Tickets” that have been sent, be them concerns of this matter, or of a technical nature. There exist many players suffering from glitches and bugs within the game who have yet to hear a reply from the staff. It is this type of disregard for customer service that has the Battle Nations communities buzzing with rumors and outrage.

3. A Call to Protest: This is not just about players being disenchanted by a lack of events and the diminished access to the game through a smaller number of servers, this is about customer service. Just for the record, there exists within the Battle Nations Community countless numbers of players who have spent considerable amounts of money on upgrades within the game. Some contributing smaller increments and others spending much much more. There are players players who over time, have been known to spend well into the hundreds and more. These and all players of Battle Nations have always been able to rely on the caring support of the Z2 staff for practically any issue until now. If an individual who has spent a considerable portion of their own revenue on a product is denied customer service, then the provider of such product should not expect that customer to return of patronage. In addition, the provider should also not be surprised when that dissatisfied customer spreads word to other potential customers that this is not a business to be trusted. It is the opinion of this council that both Z2 and Battle nations are not the target of protest, rather the entity which has caused said operation of these institutions to change for the negative should be held accountable for. That entity is King Digital Entertainment. We call to boycott all installments of King created games including Paradise bay until our demands are met.

4. What we demand: We are calling for a return of our customer service (answering our support tickets) and normal game play which includes the routine events and promotions that allow us to have fun and allow Z2 to make money. Plain and simple.

These routine events and promotions include but are not limited to:

-Boss Strikes

-Arena Challenges

-SP Bonus Weekends

-Unit and Building Sales

-Game Upgrades

We are many, we are mighty and our voices will be heard.

An agreement must be met.

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