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Virgin Media phone and broadband issues

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Visit Virtual Misery at While signatures and comments can be made and read here, the running totals for the poll questions in the petition can be viewed at the main site. I would like to once again thank those who have taken the time to sign this petition and show their support. I could not achieve anything without you. Nevertheless, to have any impact we need far more signatures. If you\'ve already signed, I urge you to do what you can to encourage others to sign. If you haven\'t signed yet, I would urge you to do so now, then get everyone you know who has also experienced poor service with Virgin Media to sign also. Every signature counts! PLEASE DO NOT USE PROFANITIES WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR COMMENTS. MINORS READ THESE PAGES AND SUCH PROFANITIES COULD RESULT IN THE PETITION BEING REMOVED!! I STRONGLY recommend all Virgin Media customers cancel direct debits and pay by any other means in which you have complete control over a payment being made to avoid being overcharged then being made to jump through hoops to get your money back. I also strongly recommend you all check your bills meticulously EVERY month! NEVER PAY BY DIRECT DEBIT!!! Is Sir Richard Branson going to continue slapping sticky plasters on everything that fails while his loyal customers are paying in good faith for a less than adequate service Is he going to give his loyal customers what they want and deserve, i.e. value for money and a worthwhile, reliable service or will he continue the current trend of deceptive marketing tactics (\"blistering speed!\"), inadequate maintenance, questionable customer support, traffic shaping and spurious new, or in some cases inapropriate and/or erroneous, charges Are you, the customer, happy to accept the status quo or do you demand satisfaction One man\'s voice cannot be heard in a crowd, but the crowd speaking in unison is hard to ignore! SIGN THE PETITION! My story, the reason for this petition and various updates follow, but if you just want to go ahead and sign the petition then just scroll down the page, and thanks again. _______________________________________________ Over recent years, as the amount of internet users has increased exponentially, I have become increasingly frustrated over paying for an \'Unlimited\' connection of 10Megs. I have lost count of the times I have had to endure Virgin Media/Blueyonder\'s first line tech team assert there is something wrong with my set up. After having gone through the mill many times I have eventually achieved not only several admissions by Virgin Media/Blueyonder representatives that they do indeed have an ongoing over utilisation problem, but have also received a refund of a full years payments as an act of good will. I am very grateful for this, but the problem still remains. In January 2006 I began a dialogue with head office who informed me they were working on the over utilisation problem and this would be corrected by the end of May. May became June, June became July. Then In September another frontline rep admits there has been another over utilisation problem since 12th August 2006. So, in short, they are, and have been, fully aware of an ongoing over utilisation issue and still we suffer slow connections, slow download, and more than sufficient down time where there is no connection at all. Interestingly, in a recent recorded conversation with a Virgin Media/Blueyonder frontline tech rep, I was told \"I do agree, they should be putting the money into getting the equipment sorted if what your telling me is true like this has been going on for ages, it does seem to be a bit of a joke.... obviously speak to them (customer service) and get your money back for the service you\'ve been given which is obviously not good enough\". It has to be said that this particular individual did everything and more to try to correct the slow speed issue I was suffering at the time, the phrase \"above and beyond\" comes to mind. The reason I have started this petition is to ascertain how many other Virgin Media/Blueyonder customers suffer regular slow connections, time outs and down time, the frequency, duration and their frustration level in the hope that I can raise enough numbers to force Virgin Media/Blueyonder to start ploughing their substantial revenue back into the business and curing the problem once and for all instead of using a sticky plaster remedy while creaming it off their customers, most of whom are either oblivious to the fact the problem is not with their equipment or refrain from complaining because this assertion has been made so many times. Addendum.. Once more I have received a call from a Virgin/BY rep attempting to assert that there may be a problem with my equipment and one of their techs could fix that. Been there, done that. Then they assert that they do not guarantee a 10Meg connection. Granted, but they do take money in return for a \'service of a reasonable standard\'. I do not consider less than half the suggested level as reasonable. Granted, it is unreasonable for anyone to expect any ISP to provide a constant uninterupted speed of 10Megs, but if you\'re paying for ten megs it is unreasonable to recieve an average of 2 megs most of the time. This rep also asserted that the 10Meg refers to the amount of data downloaded in a month!! Naturally I strongly disagreed. I wonder what their next lame excuse will be I emplor you to sign this petition and do what ever you can to get others to also sign. Put links on your websites, send emails, phone your family and friends, anything. I\'m aware this has apparently been attempted before to no avail. I promise when I have a reasonable amount of signatures I WILL run with this until I am satisfied and do not care how much noise I have to make! Addendum... I am now witnessing sudden severe drops in download speed after a short time period. I am reading that this is happening to others also. This begs the question are we now being capped After going through the mill once again with Virgin techs only to hang up feeling I just wasted a call, I was prompted to check the signatures. I don\'t normally make a habit of posting someone\'s comments here but I feel Alan Hindley has hit the nail right on the head with his comment. \"I find my connection to virgin\'s servers to be satisfactory, but my connection to the internet (through virgin\'s servers) is disgraceful in terms of speed. They need to up their bandwidth by about 800% in order to cope with demand. They signup far too many customers without any kind of upgrade in service (i.e. they take the money and don\'t invest it back into the required areas of the business).\" Well said Alan! Addendum 12/5/07 I am interested to know if any others with a similar petition or those signing this petition have received phone bills racked up by charges for calls to a number they have never dialed. I have just attempted to pay my bill only to find there are calls totalling more than


Colin Nunn. A once long term user of Virgin Media/Blueyonder services, now happily with another provider.


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