Bleach Final Arc Anime petition

Sara Yachiru Kusajishi
Sara Yachiru Kusajishi 1 Comments
5 Signatures Goal: 50,000

This petition was made to get our beloved BLEACH TV SERIES back as soon as possible. A filler/s story before the Final Arc will do as long as they we're continuously aired on TV up to the Thousand-Year Blood War.




  • steven lee
    steven lee United States, Stuart
    Feb 28, 2016
    Feb 28, 2016
    *sigh* i really hope that there is a different petition out there somewhere with alot more signatures on it then this on has.... but regardless of the lack of sigs on here i have to sign it anyway and hope it makes a difference somehow, cuz im a guy who honestly prays & dreams every day/night (multiple times everyday to be completely real lol i know im pathetic =P) for the return to tv of my beloved alltime/absolute favorite anime forever and ever. and to the other signers of this petition i promise you over my very soul that if i ever win the powerball this first thing i will contact tv tokyo or kubo, or whoever the hell it is that has control over it and i would pay them how ever the hell much it would cost. so just hope i win guys lolz!!


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