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Blanket Breathalyzers at School Functions are Excessive

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Every event, the administration at Arlington High insist on breathalyzing each student that attends. This is ridiculous for a multitude of reasons:
1) It's poor time management - we (the students) are paying to attend the event, not to stand in line for an hour to be told that we're sober.
2) Financial - In order to be more time efficient, we have to purchase more breathalyzers, each one costing approx. $50 on top of the ones we already own.
3) It prolongs a stigma - consistently, the seniors and current students at AHS have proven themselves to be capable of making responsible decisions (like homecoming and junior prom). In contrast to previous classes, we have pulled off successful and safe events, so why are we being punished for the actions of those who came before us. If we hope to set a new standard at AHS, we need to be given the opportunity to show that we are more mature than our predecessors.
Our class and the school as a whole has voiced this opinion multiple times. As student elected officials, it is our duty to present these issues to those in charge. Instead of everyone being breathalyzed, we suggest breathalyzing on suspicion. The same people would still be caught, no new breathalyzers would need to be purchased, and it would more time efficient. No one is going to breathalyze us at college events, so we need to make mature decisions on our own without the intimidation of the administration. In NO way does the student office condone teen drinking and/or drug use, but we feel that there are better ways to address the situation. In order to make a profit, the students need to feel like they're not automatically profiled as "bad kids".

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