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Youth and Criminal Justice

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"B. Patrick Bauer" , Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (via website), Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman (via website) Re: Blade J. Reed - Wabash Valley Correctional Center - Doc No. 196682 - DOB 8/2/1995 As regards the subject individual, I am writing to humbly request your assistance and intervention. Blade was, at age fourteen, sentenced to serve thirty years in a adult maximum security prison, namely the Wabash Valley Correctiona Center, in Carlisle, Indiana -- a facility for violent offenders of all nature. In December 2009, Blade pleaded guilty to robbery and severe bodily injury for his participation in the crime commited. He was thirteen years old at the time the events took place. I find it very relevant to note that Blade Reed accepted his responsibility and exhibited great (if not extreme) remorse for the actions that were his on that fateful day . . . remorse that is still very much present, as been very well documented in police reports and numerous news reports. It has come to my attention that Blade Reed (now fifteen) has been put in solitary confinement for a period of one full year, and in addition, time as been added into Administrative Segregation, after having been involved in altercations in the Wabash Correctional Institute for adults where this fifteen year old boy as been placed. Due to the fact of the matter is that Blade, while chronologically 15 -- but whose mental capacity has never been accurately calculated -- is "fresh meat" for many violent offenders, compounding the severity of this judgment, the physical and mental security of this boy has become a logistical nightmare for the staff of the Wabash Correctional Facility. During his psychological evaluation, it was discovered that Blade had been severely abused (physically, mentally & sexually) by his biological parents until he was six years old. And, further exasperating this boy's plight is that, in all likelihood, these conditions will contribute even further to the degree of his existing multitude of mental health disabilities. After reviewing all evaluations of psychologist(s) psychiatrist(s) and court documentation of Blade's condition, it is of expert opinion that he suffers from autism, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and chronic hyperactivity, not to mention other learning disabilities that include chronic dyslexia. Blade continues to suffer from severe depression and anger issues, which, most likely, are a result of his previously described history of physical, mental and sexual abuses sustained throughout his entire formative years at the hands of those who were responsible for shaping the character of this young boy. As a side note, the records reflect that, at a point in time, Blade was medicated for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but was removed from this medication in 2000 resulting in medication withdrawal behavorial issues. It was the court-appointed psychologist's opinion and testimony that Blade had the social skills of a 10 year old and that 97 % of kids his age, were more socially adept at a higher level. Further, the psychologist testified to the fact that, if ''Blade Reed develops in adult incarceration facility, he will, undoubtedly, be negatively influenced by other adult inmates. Understanding all of the above-referenced information, it is my opinion that, to leave Blade, a young boy with so many disabilities, to cope day after day under these circumstances, is tantamount to "cruel and unusual" punishment. This letter is offered in the hope that you will consider these three objectives: * To have Blade Reed re-evaluated and treated for his disabilities; * To overturn the assignment of one year in solitary for a replacement of a more adequate discipline given his obstacles; and * To have him placed into an age and developmentally appopriate program where, he will receive much-needed life skills through counseling. I am, therefore, asking for the handling and outcome of Blade Reed's criminal case to be investigated and requesting that he be more appropriately placed in a juvenile facility for his special needs, with the understanding that this is crucial and of the upmost importance for his development upon future release into society. Additionally, I implore you to consider the above circumstances and act judicially for Blade, and society at large. Sincerely,


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