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We hereby pledge an economic boycott on Friday, November 27th, referred to as "Black Friday." We declare this day "Black Out Friday." We, on this day for, refuse to shop or make ANY purchases. We do this in protest of: 1. The treatment of the President of the United States: The treatment of the President of the United States has went from offensive to ugly to downright danger. The President has been maligned, slandered, and targeted unfairly by right wing nuts after since he announced his candidacy. President Obama has been challenged unfairly, characterized with vulgarity and treated with thekind of deep disrespect to which no previous U.S. president was subjected to. 2. Police Terrorism: Within the past two months, there has been two notable murders of young African-American males. Oscar Grant III (unarmed) was killed by Officer Mehserle in Oakland, CA. Danroy Henry, a Pace University student, was killed by a police officer in New York. African Americans are more at risk of being killed by police than any other group in America. Every since President Obama has been in office, there seems to more and more this total disregard for the lives of African-American. WE ARE STANDING UP SO OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD. WE MAY NOT HAVE THE VOTING POWER BUT WE HAVE THE BUYING POWER! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO COMMIT TO NOT BUYING ANYTHING ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27TH. LET'S SEND A RESOUNDING MESSAGE FROM MAINE TO CALIFORNIA.




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