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Black Ops 2 Theater Mode Petition

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Dear Treyarch, We, the loyal Call Of Duty fans,urge you to listen and take action in fixing a major problem that will not disappear until someone takes action in our community. For players, Theater Mode is a great way to save your most prized accomplishments and achievements. Now with the new “bookmark” feature, players can mark their games so when they go and save them, they will be specially marked so the player can save that specific game. Now here is the problem: Theater mode is faulty. Why, you ask? It will not record anything past a host migration. Not only that, but if you have recording on, without even one host migration, the Theater will sometimes only record about three minutes of the game, instead of the whole entire game. People with Youtube channels, like commentators, need Theater to save great gameplays they got to put on their Youtube and commentate over it. Now with Theater being unreliable, they can’t get good gameplays and their channels are as good as done. Now, if you're asking, “Why can’t they just live record?”, well, some people have poor internet and lag terribly when they have their computer and gaming system online at the same time. Some people have good internet connection and can live record. But a good amount of people can not. Some people’s computers actually freeze because they try to live stream. You gamers reading this obviously want to know how we could end this crisis from continuing. Well, all you gotta do is sign. Yes, you are right, this whole document is a petition, a petition to fix Theater Mode, and FIX IT FOR GOOD. The main focus of this petition is just on Theater Mode, but we want Treyarch to listen. Under the 1st Amendment, we have the freedom of speech, to say what we want, and/or desire. We have the right to peaceably assemble. We need to tell them that we have a voice. We need to tell them that we can’t take it anymore. We need to tell them that we are worth that Theater Mode patch. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let time fly, along with all your gameplays. Go and sign the petition,(using either your real name or system name whichever one you prefer), all of you gamers and Call of Duty enthusiasts, so that we can fix Theater Mode once and for all, including all of its faultiness that frustrates many, but can soon hopefully be saved. Yours truly, The C.O.D community.

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