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  • Hello everyone and welcome! My name is Adam aka Atomicsk8s Leader of the OPS Clan and Call Of Duty fanboy. I am creating this petition a few months before the release of Infinate Warfare. Let me be very clear about my intentions here. My sole purpose with this petition is to get the attention of the developers so that I can voice some of the suggestions that in my opinion could make cod customers happier and suggestions that in my opinion could make cod games more fun for everyone. Im sure that those who signed this form agree with the statements being made bellow. I spend alot of time playing Black Ops 3 (23 Days gameplay time) because I really love to play Call Of Duty, I have also logged just as many hours on other cods as I have been gaming since NES so you could say I enjoy playing video games. When I get done with a long day there is nothing better than powering up the console and unloading a barrage of kill streaks along side my friends. I also spend alot of time talking with other players in Call Of Duty based Groups and other areas and I still see people having the same problems and complaints that I and many others have had about almost all of the cods thus far. Also I see so much hate and fighting over the Infinate Warfare but I think there are many reasons for that.

I believe that people on both sides of the Infinate Warfare argument are wrong because taking to the media to say such immature nasty things about a company who attempts to make a game that we all enjoy so much is just distasteful. Then seeing players hate each other so much over such a small issue is just craxy. It has also come to my attention that after talking with thousands of players that most of the complaints, ugly comments, and trolling of the new game are coming from players under the age limit required to purchase this game in the first place. Which I think explains alot the comments about Infinate Warfare. Personally I believe that its going to be a fun game to play just like all of the Call Of Duty Games. It may not be for some people as they may not like the style or setting of the game but that does not make it a bad game. If players truely have an issue with the game I think working on a detailed document such as this to describe it and take action and get whats broken fixed is much better than fighting with other players on groups and social media. Moving on from this I think there some issues with the current game Black Ops 3 thats should be implemented now and also used in a future cods to improve the gameplay tremendously!

Problem #1 Online matchmaking On BO3

This is one part of cod that has always needed improvement. I think that Matchmaking should be skill based and I can give you a few reasons why as I play alot. I am close to being level 400 with Dark Matter and Hero gear with overall KD of 1.20 and 1.60 for tdm and I am constantly matched with level 14s who have a kd of .40 that will end up with 2 kills and 30 deaths and ill end up with three people like that on my team every time, what is the point in trying to keep a gokd win loss if you have no chance at all at some times? Then in other games it puts me on a team of all master prestige against new players. This just don't work. You can not have consistent gsmeplay like this and if you are new to the game you dont stand a chance because of this. Alot of players are new to the movements alone in this game then they end up fighting the best players in a lobby the first day yea thats going tk discourage people. This needs to be fixed and it needs to be based on skill instead of connection which brings up my next suggestion.

Problem Number# 2 Bad connections online.

We will never fix all of the problems that come along with this but I feel like there are some that we can. In my opinion to be able to acess Call Of Duty online there should be a higher requirement for connection because Two things are happening in the servers constantly and I mean this happens multiple times per play session. I find players telporting across the map, just disappearing like a magician, frozen running in place, and even getting host sometimes causing whole teams or lobbys to lag out. This is beyond annoying and should be fixed.

Problem #3 Ingame partys and gamechat

These are highly annoying and also cause a major problem with the game. The problem that is currently happening is that if you have been playing for much longer than 30 minutes if your friend logs on you will have to restart to be able to join his game and play with him. This is very annoying. Game chat dont work and laggs half the time and most players just dont use it because it cuts out anytime that the map has to load in. Fix this and more players would use it.

These issues take place even while playing the zombie mode so it needs fixed across a large ares of the game. When you put all of these issue together it makes the gamore frustrsting than itnis fun to play. This is the game that would have gotton new players stoked for the new Cod if these probems were fixed. I payed $110 for this game and the season pass and now it sits more than its played due to the issues. Many players like myself payed rightfully for a fully fuctioning game and would like to see this fixed thus why we have banded together and made this petition. I challenge All Call Of Duty developers from this point on to make these changes suggested, listen to us about what we want in games and to care more about the game.

The last request is that for the next Treyarc game we see Call of Duty Blacks Ops 2 remastered or one of the cods remastered. The same request for activision as well. We hope to see the changes made in game soon.

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