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Removal of Tyler

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I have formed this petition in regards of the removal of Tylers priveleges as a moderator. I am already aware a few of the better of the mods have been keeping an eye out for his abuse upon his rights, but it has become an obligation of mine to ensure this. I have done my research been part of these scandolous unjustful acts, so yes, I do know what the hell Im talking about, this is serious and I do not wish for shit to become of this. I am stating the facts, hardly biased, if at all, but you can decide upon that yourself if you wish to read through hundreds of pages, be my guest. If not, read and sign this petition to make teenspot a better place. Tyler has been misusing his power for ages now, but obviously it has only now come upon the general population of the site. Many of his attacks have been upon the troll and sp \'clique\', if you will. He has enforced unrightful bannings, warnings, and offensive motions upon the whole of the site, not only upon us, though I may use many examples upon it, ONLY for the reason of it is well in my knowledge as I was part. Not only from the attacks I knew of against those I converse with on a daily basis, I have spent hours the last few days trying to gather reasonable evidence of such. Strangely I have found that there have been some deletions of conversations and many of his posts, leaving little over 500 posts appearing in any search I have yet made. 75% of these were trolls themselves, very terrible ones at that, quite a disgrace towards the main society of us. The point is, he has made many derailing posts and simulations of whoartions that he would on a normal circumstance warn or more likely ban at the amount he has progressed to, but I suppose he is too special for this. I don\'t wish to accuse his deletion of posts upon this circumstance, but as he is tyler, I willl. Tyler has edited many of my posts in particular and avatars that are \'disrespectful\' I suppose you\'d say, towards his person. A few of the things he has taken advantage of to change are: Belinda\'s, mine, and a few others avatars in which had the text \'tyler is a fag\', any posts saying his pond is a peice of shit (which it is), posts that were rude, crude, or lued (again this would be in his part) against him, and many other formats of such. He has used his power to his advantage of posting liberties, and yet he bitches, warns, and on occasion bans, those who would do such of the material. To add to this, there was a thread made in sitehelp asking for the closure of a thread that was complete nonsense, which he would normally be quite attentive to close, must get him off or something, but apparently he decided to disregard the claim as he was e-buddys(most likely cyber mates) with the maker and current users in part of it. The bitch, ahem, Tyler, has even joined in on our antics of trolling, which I\'ve been either a part of or have read these threads and/or single posts. A normal troll would only last for a few per member involved, unless others were called upon to join, which this becomes the case often. Just to get this straight, the general of sp threaders and rest of the better trolls only post and carry out seperate conversations, unless attacked or completely insulted upon the text of another user. Which would lead to, I believe it is being called \'clique attacks\', that would soon assemble to either put an end to the entire thread or degrade the opposing members until the point it was resolved one way or another, normally upon a moderators interferance. Tyler has taken advantage of the reputaion of our trolling to ban and remove rights from members. Of course this is not the best way to go about it on either of our parts, but nearly half the users do the same on a regular basis, not to point any fingers, *coughpapa_smurf*cough*, have done just as much damage we have, if any at all. Getting back on subject, I\'m going to use a single circumstance as an example of this. A bit of trolling had begun, only 2 or 3 of us this time, Tyler decided to add his shitty two-sense, this continued on for several pages, once all that were at that time online became involved. He had quite a few insulting statements to throw at the lot of us, even got to the point in which he called Hannah (venus_and_adonis) a toolshed. This completly offended our group and so proceeded the hounding of the bitch. I will say again, he was very much part of this and was the main factor, and cause at that, of the derailing of this thread in question. He ended it with a closing and final warning to everyone in part. There have been many other acts of this, but I do not wish to dwell upon only this. I have taken the privelage to use a thread made by Frankenchrist with the evidence he was capable to gather at the time, which may I add was closed by, guess who Tyler. There are many more reasons for this proposal to be caried out, but I will leave that for the comments to follow, as I do not wish to spend my valuable time on the fucker. So do the right thing, bring the faggot down. Thank you for your time, add comments, or just simply agree yes, DO IT. --DA __________________________________________________ Do not continue to flood your nonsense please, it is not needed and has been a pain in the arse to skim through and delete. Your comments are submitted the first time, I will later post them all as the list builds. And as to the queer who has shitted it up nearly 12 copies of the same reply, do not continue this. Yes this is a biased petition. Everything is biased in the longrun, so fucking cut it out. I couldnt care any less for your oppinion if it is not what I wish to read. YOur submissions have been deleted.


To make teenspot a better place. Produced by the SP threaders.

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