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BISKL's Parents' Grievances

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Dear Parents

In keeping with the current changes that BISKL’s Management has unilaterally taken with regards to their fee structure, we urge you to join us in insisting that these changes be reviewed and rolled back. We are at present attempting to reach n amicable solution and maintain our present relationship with the Board of Directors and Management; however, we will insist on an increased level of communication and discussion regarding institutional matters. It has become clear that the entire student body is affected by the changes which have been unilaterally instituted. With the present rate of fee increase, we are faced with exorbitant differences in fees than from the time we placed our children in this school. Over the last two academic years, the cost of educating our children has increased by approximately 15.3% for KS3 and 36% for KS4, a trend which suggests that the Board of Directors and Management are more concerned with the bottom line than with the well-being of the students.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that this has had a negative impact on the children, with their parents under pressure to meet these new commitments, and with several students having already left, with several more contemplating doing so, as a direct result of these increases in fees and the withdrawal of credit card facilities. Not only does this lead to an unacceptable precedent of the school unilaterally making such decisions, but it has an impact on those among us who are unable to afford the ever-increasing costs associated with placing their children in BISKL. These ever-increasing fees demanded by an institution that is meant to have our children’s best interests at heart is a definitive message to us as parents that we have no say in the nature of our children’s education and that they are prejudicial towards those less able to afford to continue sending their children to BISKL. This indicates that their primary concern is not to educate, but to make profits.

We ask you to join us in ensuring we are not treated as mere spectators to our children’s well-being, especially so where the educational outcomes have not been tested. We should all be aware that KS4 is still undergoing a process of refinement and this is their first test-run of the actual syllabus. Does it stand to reason that we have such a drastic increase in costs for an educational structure that has yet to be established?

There is further still no justification provided for why these measures have been instituted. From what we have seen, basic safety measures have yet to be properly put in place with the old fee structure. Surely we are all aware and very concerned that a child almost drowned, with another dislocating her shoulder, during the last Sports Day carnival, with no reaction from the teachers who were present. Where, then, are the funds going if not to ensure that our children are looked after on the premises? Further, the school has employed security guards who are too busy opening car doors for students instead of watching for unsavoury activities which may lead to a major security issue.

It has been mentioned that the finances from these fee increases will be used for expansion of the campus, and while we all want a nicer environment for our children, it is not a cost we should bear because it is a capital expense which adds value to the shareholders’ stake in the company. Therefore, it is an expense which should come from them, as opposed to being levied on us.

Let us stand together to show that we will not accept this blatant disregard for our children’s welfare and complete lack of communication on matters which directly affect us to a very great degree. The Management must be aware that we are willing to escalate this to a public forum should it be necessary. If the Management chooses to run their school as a financial shell, with little concern for the integrity of the educational process, then we will apply the requisite pressure through use of our connections in the media to prevent the from gaining additional students from the niche market they appear to be seeking.

Please submit all signatures by 26th June, 2015.

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