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Bingo Blitz on Facebook- Make it Right

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We the undersigned players on the Facebook game Bingo Blitz (BB) are making it known that we are VERY CONCERNED about the legitimacy of the game play, most specifically UNFAIR gaming practices on the Bingo Blitz game.

BB claims this is a game of chance and luck much like those in casinos. They claim their game is "Random" as far as winners and items awarded. If this is the case, how then do players get hundreds of the same pantry items and none of others? They concede to issues with their game, yet refuse to compensate players for their losses. This is wrong and unacceptable and we want it made right.


  1. Game freezes and credits used to play the game are lost and not refunded
  2. Support Team states all prizes are awarded through the time of the game freezing (which is basically nothing as its not possible to hit a bingo button when game freezes)
  3. Pantry items awarded are are the same game after game
  4. Pantry items do not coincide with pantry levels players are on
  5. Pantry dishes cannot be completed preventing players from winning credits
  6. Boutique passes do not allow players to trade for needed items
  7. Game pieces are continuously duplicated preventing players from completing games and winning credits
  8. Side games are introduced, methods to win these games are set at exorbitant levels and then side games expire before players can complete them, resulting in their collected items being lost (dice games, dragons etc)
  9. Real money paid for credits is not refunded when credits are lost due to game malfunctioning
  10. Daily credits provided are very low. Due to the number of credits required to play, daily credits should be higher
  11. Superior game is terribly expensive and the same players win multiple times
  12. Superior game chests do not compensate players nearly enough (900 credits used per game and only 30 credits given in chest)
  13. A high rate of "Guest" accounts win multiple bingo's in a particular game. These "Guest" accounts are questionable: Are all of these Guest accounts real accounts or ghost accounts arranged by BB to award credits to ghost accounts in order to not pay real BB players

What we want:

  1. Credits for lost games (due to freezing or disconnects) refunded
  2. Refunds of real money when requested when game malfunctions
  3. Pantry items that coincide with pantry levels a player is on
  4. The ability to trade all items with boutique passes
  5. Reduced requirements to complete side games
  6. Something provided to players who have remaining items in side games before expiring the game
  7. a limit to the number of duplicate game pieces a player receives so they are able to complete levels
  8. Superior game provides a comparable return from chests when a superior game is not won by players
  9. Limit the number of bingo's a Guest player can get in a game, allowing registered BB players the opportunity to win more games
  10. Higher daily credits awarded to players (although daily credits assigned are based on players levels), these credits are too low
  11. Each player who has signed this petition wants a refund of the last 10-purchases they have made on the Bingo Blitz site within the years 2019-2020.

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