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CBS- Please remove Billy Packer from the airwaves.

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CAN IT BE TRUE PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME THIS IS NOT A TERRIBLE JOKE!!!! Evidently CBS has finally heard our pleas and has given Packer the Ax. Please leave a link or something in the comments section if you can confirm this. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you everyone for your hard work... Finally we can hear a basketball game!!! Whooo-hooo!!!!! 2008 NCAA Tournament is here- Thank you CBS for another awful year of basketball coverage. Your camera work, graphics packages and sound guys were wonderful. You forgot to rid yourself of the blight that is Billy Packer. Hit the SIGNATURES tab above & read what over 5,343 people have said about Billy Packer and CBS Sports as of 3/21/08. Tell Lexus, Charles Schwab, Cisco, and Subway (advertisers on CBS Sports) you can\'t hear their commercials because you mute the volume whenever Billy Packer calls the game. Links to the right->. _________________________________________________ CBS- Please consider removing Billy Packer from your NCAA Basketball coverage. We enjoy watching nothing more than a good NCAA college basketball game. That is, unless we have the misfortune of having Billy Packer sitting at the microphone for an almost unbearable tirade of negativity, second guessing, and harassing of every decision every player, coach, and even referee makes on the floor. We have yet to hear him make disparaging comments about the mascots or maintenance workers, but perhaps that is because we missed some of the games this year. He is an appalling ambassador for the game, and his negative attitude towards it\'s every aspect makes for an unbearable experience. As a result, we watch the games with volume muted. We\'re sure your advertisers will be happy to hear that. We have never talked to anyone who has had anything but disdain for Mr. Packer and the poor sportsmanship he exhibits from the microphone. It is our hope, by creating this petition, that you, CBS will consider removing Billy Packer as an announcer from your staff. We, and many, many others would look forward to watching games with a more positive commentator who could make watching- and listening- to your coverage bearable. Thank you for your consideration of this request. P.S.- For extra credit, why not consider sending a commentator-less stadium feed down the SAP (Separate Audio Program) channel. We would prefer to listen to the game just as those who are there do, without any commentators- just the pure adrenaline of the crowd.


Like Billy Packer, I am a Wake Forest University graduate. I have met him once in 1994 and although he seemed smug and condescending, I had no idea how badly our relationship would falter over the years. I long for the day when I can listen to a game on TV (rather than just watch). It is my hope to make CBS Sports aware of this petition in hopes they see that we are not a fringe group, but mainstream American basketball lovers. If you have any questions, or additional links I should know of, please contact me:


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