We the undersigned respectfully request that Bill Skidmore be removed from Carleton's payrole as a Instructor misusing the classroom

Justin Campbell
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Anyone who has taken or heard of courses on Human Rights is no stranger to Bill Skidmore and his tactics. Bill is known for agitating and stirring the student population by using his courses as a forum to perpetuate his biased views on one particular subject as inarguable fact. He misleads countless students every year. Carleton should say 'enough is enough' - that academic freedom does not extend to providing biased information, which clearly ignores the context and realities of a situation, as fact for his students to absorb. The classroom should not be a one-sided, brainwashing session - it should be a place that promotes all sides of an argument.





  • 5 years ago
    Vandon Gene Canada
    5 years ago