Big the Cat to replace Sonic in Sonic 4

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Ok, so it turns out that only Sonic will be playable in Sonic 4. That's bull! It sickens me and all the true Sonic fans that only Sonic will be playable and all the POPULAR characters won't, like Shadow, Elise, Princess Sally, Silver, and Amy Rose won't be playable. However theres one that should of been playable from the word go: BIG THE CAT. Everyone loved the fishing stages in Sonic Adventure, but now all we get are small cameos, one playability in Heroes and a playable character in the WORST RACING GAME OF ALL TIME!!! Oh by the way, I haven't played it yet. So we DEMAND that Sega bring back Big the Cat to be playable, no, BE THE MAIN CHARACTER of Sonic 4! We demand Sega throw away the original Sonic formula that we all loved until we saw 3 seconds of Gameplay! Now we hate it! Make it a fishing game! So how will we do this? We will buy all the games Sega made with Big the Cat in. Like Sonic Heroes, SEGA Superstars Racing, Sonic Adventure 2 on BOTH consoles (Gamecube and Dreamcast) and the same for his debut game Sonic Adventure DX! Do it Sega! NOW.




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