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Rid the World of Sean Moulton

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In the words of the great Clayton Bigsby, "If you have hate in your heart, let it out". So on to my first order of business... Sean Moulton.....(pause).....SDot, Face, Tha Kid, Bojangles, etc etc. The sound of these names just ripple with disgust in your mind. These negative beacons perpetuate the uncontrollable hate we feel for this creature, they flood our inner thoughts, almost paralyzing us from the ability to give, love, and endure relationships. Think for a moment why God would litter our planet with the presence of this man. Impossible right God doesn't make mistakes, everything has a purpose, but wait, could this dispel the belief that God truly exists No, couldn't be, you're right, the perpetrator must be of another planet, galaxy, dimension, take your pick. His habits are inhumane, his living conditions are unsanitary, his teeth...yellow. Need I go on A horrid, pig of a man who smells like feces and wallows in the filth of his own unwashed laundry and brown stained bedsheets. A basement bedroom he calls home, that of which is merely one unfinished wall of sheetrock surrounded by sets of curtains the gayest homosexual wouldn't feel comfortable hanging in their loft apartment, not to mention a rug that hasn't seen the underside of a vacuum roller since its inception, many many moons ago. These unfavorable conditions would deter the lowest form of life on earth, we're talking single celled microbial organisms here, that's LOW. He is the biggest self-proclaimed nickname artist, er say, fraud, the world has ever known. It is incredulous that one man be known by multiple nicknames in this custom, the custom in which you campaign yourself to the public as such and force them to adopt new monikers to call you by. This goes against all that is ethical, moral, and proper. He has been reminded of this countless times, yet continues to promulgate this bullsh*t that we've become accustomed to for the better part of 10 years, and to some even longer. Well I say it ends now! We, the undersigned, call upon the superpowers of the world, to include, but not limited to; Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Aquaman, He-Man, The IceMan Mike Martini, Voltron, Optimus Prime, Zordon from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Professor X, and Papa Smurf. We ask with determination that you come together as one force to eradicate this pest immediately, and rid the world of Sean Moulton once and for all. We will no longer sit by and listen to the banter that flows so mightly from his filthy sewer of a mouth. The world has suffered long enough and action shall be taken. By request of the people, please take arm against this foe and unleash your fury, show no mercy, abolish the Earth of this insanity, and justice will prevail............. And may the people never forget to HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!!!!

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