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Bidet for RMIT

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We the undersigned, voicing thoughts for the majority of RMIT students, are humbly calling for bidet installation in both South Saigon and Hanoi campuses restrooms due to its practical benefits and drawbacks from using traditional toilet paper.

Although toilet paper has been the indispensable mean for personal hygiene, people working and studying in the campus are having problems from the fact that it is the only option for self-cleaning. The excessive usage of toilet papers of some students has caused a dilemma for others as the paper rolls run out quickly and there will be times cleaners will not be able to replace for the new ones on time. Also, inspire of having recycle bins to dispose the used papers in toilet rooms, the water sinks are located outside of the general restrooms, thus people cannot wash their hands until they walk out from the toilets. This can lead to an increase of infectious disease coming from skin to skin contact at certain spots such as the recycle bins, the flush lever and almost anywhere in the toilet. Moreover, a lot of people tend to flush the used papers instead of putting them into the bins which results in serious clogging and is very time consuming to fix. In addition, most of RMIT staffs and students stay for a long time to work in the campus (approximately from 4 to 12 hours). Therefore, they will have to endure a discomfort from the feeling of not being clean enough just by using the toilet papers.

For all the reasons above and more (which will be presented in a proposal later on), toilet bidet is an optimal choice for the school. By using toilet bidet, people won't have to use their hands to wipe, thus drastically reduce the chance of catching infectious disease. Bidet also help to clean much more effectively than toilet papers. By tremendously reducing the amount of toilet papers used, bidet can be economical and effectively prevent toilet clogging. Although one may argue people still use toilet papers to dry themselves after using bidet, the amount of papers used is only a fraction of the amount that people use without the bidets.

Together we can help improving the facilities and qualities of campus life in RMIT, which create a more enjoyable and innovative environment for the current and future students. Every signature is a crucial factor to achieve this goal so please sign and share this petition if you also have the same purpose. I sincerely thank you for your support.

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