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TO BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION • Mr Maurice Newman AC • Mr Steven Skala AO • Mr Mark Scott AO • Dr Julianne Schultz AM • Ms Cheryl Bart AO • Professor Fiona Stanley AC • Ms Jane Bennett ________________________________________ BIASED REPORTING BY THE ABC AGAINST SRI LANKA IN SUPPORT OF THE LTTE TERRORIST ORGANISATION We as Sri Lankans wish to register our protest at the recent programs aired by the ABC in support of the false accusations by the supporters of the LTTE terrorist organisation aimed at destabilising Sri Lanka. You have been a gullible accomplice to this ruse by your bland acceptance of the claims made by two Australian citizens who travelled to Sri Lanka to aid and abet a terror outfit which killed hundreds and thousands of innocent people in that country for three decades. You have been sadly unaware of the attempts by the LTTE to move the US and Australian judiciary against the government of Sri Lanka over accountability issues still pursued by the LTTE bid to divide the country on ethnic lines in spite of losing its conventional military capability. You are giving ample publicity to the vilification campaign funded by the LTTE to negate the attempts being made by Sri Lanka to do their task of rehabilitating the former combatants including hundreds of children who were trained as suicide bombers. By giving uninterrupted publicity to their propaganda campaign you are inadvertently aiding the LTTE which is active overseas to cause a rift between the Rajapaksa government and the international community. It is nothing but a part of their overall strategy to isolate post-war Sri Lanka. Meena Krishnamoorthy Here are the facts regarding the ABC 7.30 report of the so called eyewitness account of Meena Krishnamoorthy. Your eye witness was an LTTE cadre Krishnamoorthy Navarangi Meena aka Eelanadee, a Sri Lankan born Australian citizen. Meena had returned to the then LTTE-held area in 2004 on the invitation of the LTTE and three years later had married a hardcore LTTE cadre. She had received a six-month military training programme and served the LTTE’s Malathi ‘regiment’ until the conclusion of the conflict in May 2009. Your ABC Four Corners repeat of the UK’s Channel 4 News which based its unsubstantiated ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ on comments attributed to Sri Lankan born UK passport holder Vaani Kumar was an LTTE ‘Malathi regiment’ colleague of Meena. They were in the Vanni together at the end of the war. The military intelligence has also identified Meena’s husband, Irasarathnam Thayakaran among a selected group of LTTE cadres sent to South Africa to follow a course in law and had briefly coordinated LTTE activities in Malaysia. Thayakaran, had joined the LTTE in 1993 and served the LTTE Imran Pandiyan Special Regiment which massacred thousands of innocent civilians in Sri Lanka. It is regrettable that using Meena, a section of the Australia media had targeted President Rajapaksa, UN Ambassador Palitha Kohona, and Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe, Sri Lanka High Commissioner for Australia. Jegan Waren The current accuser, the Sri Lankan educated engineer resident in Melbourne, who acted as another foot soldier for the Terrorist organisation, has all the evidence to be hauled before the Australian judiciary for aiding terror organisation just like those who aided al-Qaeda, by the Australian Federal police for violating the International human rights conventions of which Australia is a signatory. This retired engineer Jegan Waren admitted that he is a supporter of the terror organisation, the LTTE. It is obvious that his trip to the war zone was well before the civilian casualties, and was to assist the LTTE. In that case, why isn’t, Jegan Waren, who is an Australian citizen, guilty of aiding and abetting terrorism? How does his action differ from David Hicks story? David Hicks was found in the war zone and was goaded for years. Why is the double standard? Discrimination Jegan Waren and his lawyers talk of discrimination. The simple question to be asked is how could he have become an engineer if he was discriminated? The answer is that he like all other Tamils benefited from the free education provided by the Sri Lankan Government to this day. The slogan of discrimination is another big lie to substantiate their claims for a separate State. Their State ought to be Tamilnadu. Why don’t they take arms against India for a separate State? Is it because terrorism would not stand a chance in a powerful country like India? NGOs It is also well known that the LTTE propaganda is backed by a section of the international community and primarily three NGOs, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Crisis Group actively aided by the UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillai, herself an ethnic Tamil. Military intelligence in Sri Lanka says that the international media and human rights watchdogs had stepped up the vilification propaganda using LTTE women in their offensive. You should also be aware that South Africa-based Vathsala Devi, an ex LTTE cadre (wife of LTTE leader Ramesh) recently moved the US judiciary against Sri Lanka. Another leading woman activist is in Australian Tamil Congress. (She represented ATC in the recent meeting with Green Party Australia) It is bad enough that the terrorists who support the LTTE had migrated to unsuspecting countries like Australia, Britain and Canada under the guise of refugees. It is worse when the unsuspecting media is manipulated to publish their stories for publicity. LTTE blood money is used for this purpose. I hope you are privy to the fact that recently Netherlands gaoled several so called Tamil refugees who had gained entry to that country for terrorist activity. You as an organization which claims excellence in investigative reporting seem to have missed the truth by a long shot. AS AVID ABC LISTENERS AND VIWERS WE DEMAND THAT WE BE HEARD

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