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BFHA Road Project

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RE: Road Replacement

To All Subdivision Residents,

I am writing to you as the Vice President of the Board of Directors of Birmingham Farms Subdivision who have undertaken the task of attempting to re-pave the roads in the Birmingham Farms subdivision. This has been discussed on a number of occasions and in fact was one of the main subjects discussed thoroughly at the annual meeting of the association held in October of 2016. The statute under which this requirement is designated as a Special Assessment District (S.A.D) which has been thoroughly investigated by the Board. This project requires, by statute, a number of different phases and consents from the members of the Association. I have undertaken the task of heading up this project on behalf of the Board, and as such, am communicating with you regarding the nature, terms, and conditions of the S.A.D.

This project is divided into three phases, all of which are listed as follows:

Phase I -

Resident Volunteers will deliver this letter to all homeowners in order to explain the project and request your signature for purposes of authorizing the Township to prepare a preliminary historic data based estimate of costs associated with completing the replacement of our roads at an initial charge to the residence of ZERO COST. Successful completion of this phase requires the signature of more than 50% of the 367 homeowners in the subdivision.

Phase II -

If Phase I is successful, Bloomfield Township will prepare the estimate (at ZERO COST) for circulation to all homeowners for review followed by an opportunity to attend a scheduled hearing at the township board to review questions/concerns about the estimate. Once responses to questions/concerns have been provided, signatures from more than 50% of the 367 homes in our subdivision will again be required prior to Township approval to create the S.A.D.* and send the estimate out for an official quotation from qualified suppliers.

Phase III -

If Phase II is successful, quotations will be sent and when submitted, Bloomfield Township will review them and notify homeowners of the total cost and the anticipated assessment per home, after which time there will be yet another opportunity to voice concerns at a final hearing. When questions/concerns have been resolved and more than 50% of homes are in agreement, the project will proceed. This improvement will be financed with a bond which is set at 1% above the existing bond interest rate for a period of 15 years at the time the bond is sold.

It should then be noted, in phase three, prior to the Township Board giving approval, every homeowner in the subdivision will be invited to address to Bloomfield Township Board regarding their concerns as it relates to the awarding of the contract and to voice their opinions as to whether or not the project should move forward.

Although this may seem like a costly project, the engineering department at Bloomfield Township has indicated once the roads are improved, the value of your property will increase by approximately 10% if not more. This has been historically proven through various and assorted other S.A.D’s which have been proposed and approved in Bloomfield Township.

Recently, the Michigan State Legislature has enacted a law that authorizes the transfer of the balance of the remaining assessment to any purchaser who, in the future, may purchase your home without you being obligated to pay off the remaining balance of the assessment due at the time of sale which is a huge benefit to you aside from the increased value of your property.

As you also know, asphalt is composed of crude oil, the cost of which fluctuates up or down which is now at a relatively low price, therefore making the cost of asphalt less than it could be in the future.

These are valid reasons for attempting to move this project forward at this point as a money saver aside from the already stated value of your property being increased and the ability to transfer the future assessment to any future owners.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure or the contents of this communication, please feel free to contact any Board Member to arrange for your attendance at the next Board meeting to answer your inquiries or go to the subdivision website: www.birminghamfarms.wordpress.com.

Harvey K. Babcock

Vice President of Birmingham Farms Subdivision

Please sign petition below online or return it to Harvey Babcock at 7153 Cathedral, Bloomfield Township, Michigan.

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