Beyoncé Should Go On Tour

Beyoncé Knowles
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Many Beyoncé fans would agree with me, Beyoncé should go on tour.  Beyoncé is not only a performer, she's a role model, an inspiration, and many young women look up to her.  Beyoncé is an extraordinary singer, dancer, and entertainer.  I know that numerous fans would go to see Beyoncé perform.  A wide variety of people listen to Beyoncé's music.  She is not just a target for teenage girls, but plenty of men, young boys, middle age, and elderly people listen to Beyoncé's music.  I find so much joy when listening to Beyoncé.  I have spoke to a great deal of others that listen to Beyoncé, and they all said they would be ecstatic if Beyoncé went on tour.  Beyoncé's last tour, I Am...World Tour, was a great success.  Beyoncé went on tour 2 years ago, and I think it's time for her to start another tour.  

"We all have our imperfections. But I`m human and you know, it`s important to concentrate on other qualities besides outer beauty". ~Beyoncé



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