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Wisconsin Public Service Commission should allow the option to purchase better lightning and surge protection on electrical transformer and meter outside of home or business.

In the analysis of the probability and increased likelihood of electrical spikes, surges, and outages caused by weather, storms, lightning or switching or line equipment, I believe that the threat of such is real and increasing. Not just for Wisconsin, but for all of the United States. I think that it is unwise and dangerous to rely solely on fate and chance to protect us from electrical surges, storms, equipment problems, solar flares, etc. Why should a Wisconsin resident be solely responsible for surge protection within the home or business, when it is more efficiently and safely performed on the immediate power and distribution lines before they enter the building? Of course, further surge protection should be installed within the home or business, but the first line of defense for the most dangerous possible surges should be addressed more safely outside of home or business. Also, why not provide a method to better protect the supplying transformer itself, so that equipment damage and longer customer outages can be prevented? Residents of other states are routinely protected by utility supplied and installed equipment.





Hawk and The Excellentway Society self-endorses this project in an effort to Try To Be Excellent.  We should each of us, attempt to make the world not just a good place, but a more excellent place!




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