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Better Sample Rate Conversion for Mac OS X!

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The campaign for better SRC (Sample Rate Conversion) in Mac OS X starts here! Mac OS X is touted as the OS for audio and video, but its Sample Rate Conversiion algoritms leave a little to be desired. They are by no means the worst, but there are far better open-source solutions, as well as state-of-the-art SRC\'s available for free on the PC. Mac users need the same. State-of-the-art SRC should NOT entail cumbersome workarounds for Logic Pro, DP, WaveBurner, FCP, etc. users, it should be available by default. An excellent site which offers a comparison of the SRC in various app\'s can be viewed here: But I don\'t use SRC. . . . do I If you ever import files that were recorded at a different sample-rate from your working project, if you ever work at 48KHz or 96KHz (or, God forbid, 192KHz) and need to produce files for a CD master (44.1K) if you ever transfer between audio and DV formats, i.e. need to use 44.1K (CD audio) files in Final Cut Pro, for example, or if you ever need to \'tune\' a file (without constraining its length) then you use Sample Rate Conversion. Current SRC sounds OK to me . . . . I\'m amazed at the time and energy (not to mention money) people spend in the pursuit of the highest quality audio, higher sample-rates, greater bit-depths, expensive D/A\'s and A/D\'s, dedicated input channels, \'mastering\' plug-ins, and so on, and then run the resulting files through mediocre SRC without a second thought. . . and then complain that \'44.1K doesn\'t sound as good\', without considering or evaluating the impact of the SRC process itself; \"jitter, aliasing, distortion, and rounding errors\", as BIAS put it. Why do we need better SRC in \'Mac OS X\' as opposed to \'in Logic\' or \'in DP5\', for example Many Apple and 3rd party applications use Apple\'s SRC algorithms. It would be great to fix \'em all in one fell swoop. Some contenders for better SRC: Logic Express Logic Pro iMovie Final Cut Pro QuickTime Soundtrack Pro WaveBurner (possibly uses internal even worse SRC - not confirmed) Digital Performer 5 (not independently confirmed) The Solution Apple should provide state-of-the-art SRC in Mac OS X, as befits the \'pro\' status of the Logic suite and FCP, possibly by licensing iZotopes 64-bit SRC algorithms OR Apple should provide a documented (plug-in) mechanism so that 3rd parties can provide alternative SRC\'s which would be available system-wide. Thank you for your support.


I\'m Logic and Peak user. I\'m dumping the latter for Audiofile\'s Wave Editor once 1.3 is released. I do restoration work as well as writing and recording my own music.


Comparison of SRC is various app\'s: BIAS explanation of SRC nd their \'state of the art\' SRC in Peak 5. (no mention is made of the terrible SRC previous versions used ;-))
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