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Better Wi-Fi

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We the students, in order to make a more perfect institution, have unified our efforts in order to bring awareness and change concerning our sub-par internet connection. Day after day we struggle to accomplish the assignments we are given, access websites necessary for our education, and even upload the documents required to obtain our grade. These three basic, yet crucial needs are hindered by the infamous speed (or lack of thereof) of the internet provided by this institution. Not only are the constituents of this institution being hurt by the poor quality of the internet, but the staff as well. The internet has become an unprecedented and necessary tool for modern education. A tool which teachers, whom are tasked with the instruction and preparation of the professionals of tomorrow, cannot use to its full potential due to its slow speed, and bad reliability.

As advertised by the promotional video of the Antillean Adventist University, many of the students residing in this institution are international students, and many others live far from home. Many of these students rely on the internet as a method of primary communication with their loved ones. Many, if not all, of the church services are also streamed online in order to convenience those students who are incapacitated due to sickness or physical disability. Students of this institution are not able to enjoy these services, and are not able to communicate with their loved ones, due to the poor reliability, speed, and quality of this internet.

This institution should be ashamed to have created such a reputation due to its internet speed. The ITS department that is tasked with achieving the “optimal operational performance of the administration, faculty, employees, and students” has dismissed and ignored the call to improvement and change made by many students before us. It is a shame. For months, the internet has been disabled during the General Assembly (Cultura) for ‘weekly maintenance’, yet the connection has not improved and instead continues to deteriorate. It is a shame that students have to leave the confines of the university in order to have access to more reliable internet in order to do many of the school related projects assigned by the teachers themselves. It is a shame that even non-educational institutions, such as Burger King, offer faster, more reliable internet for FREE.

The University has rules and regulations regarding dorm life, permits to go outside of campus, and what you can or can’t do in the rooms we pay for. There’s a curfew for students both below and above the legal age of 18, televisions and video game consoles are banned. On top of that, the school condemns innocent activities as going to the movie theater, or even the beach! Yet, we can live with these terms, as outdated or ridiculous as they may seem to the main student body. Many of us would love to stay the night within the dorm’s closed doors, comfortable in our beds, watching a movie online on perfectly legal services and websites… We’d love to stay, but the University and Dorm is making it hard for us to enjoy our stay.
Will the poor internet connection become another defining characteristic of Antillean? No promotional video will do justice to the reality the students, both those living in the Dorm and outside, live on a daily basis. It is our voice that will carry the university’s legacy and echo the administration’s works. We are the ones that will promote the university once we leave its confines, but what are we to promote if all we are offered are trials, and tribulations with the most trivial of things?

We understand being able to living in the dorm, or even being part of this otherwise wonderful University, is a privilege… yet it feels the staff constantly using the fact as an excuse to disregard our complaints, concerns and suggestions. As students of this institution we demand that our voice be heard, and that change be brought about regarding this issue. We use the internet not only as an important educational that is NECESSARY for our full professional development, but also as method of communication to stay in touch with family and loved ones. It is IMPERATIVE that something be done, so that we may continue to learn, grow, and continue to enjoy, improve, and get the most out of this institution.


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