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Our generation in the future will not have any resources, money, or jobs left. Us and our children and possibly their children will be stuck paying the country’s debt off which is nearly impossible because there won’t many jobs to do so. If someone doesn’t speak out about this our country as we know it will continuously fail and we will be in a depression for a very long time.

This will be sent to the White house.

To Whom It May Concern:


Dear Mister President, we regret to inform you that the people of our once great nation are suffering. My mother and my father are self-employed and have worked their whole lives to get far in this ruthless society. As if our political leaders have forgotten the small businesses, the little people, the family owned stores and the ones who have always been in the shadow of big corporations. My parents and the people most common in today’s society are struggling to survive as they watch their children in distress; because they too know that their parents are struggling.

Although I am young, I am not naïve. I am fully aware of our country’s economic state and it upsets me that the people who have worked so hard in their life at there job each and everyday are losing it all. I am very disappointed in this country and I’m unsure of weather I should be proud to be called an American right now as many are also questioning the same thing. Even though you are not directly the one to blame Mr. Obama, for our country’s downfall; I ask you with all the gratitude in my heart that you could help the American people rebuild our once great nation; because even I haven’t given up hope.

It saddens me, Mister President that the once lively spirits in this world around me were so joyful, only to be brought down by this economic downfall. Even I, Gabrielle, a simple fourteen-year-old equestrian has been affected by this. Today my dreams of going to nationals for my sport were nearly crushed as my mother told me she might not have enough money for it, because we are all struggling. Also I, Dana has found that it is very hard to get a teaching job now and it will certainly be hard in the future to get any sort of job. These simple ‘dreams’, they seem selfish but these are our ‘American Dreams’, everyone has one. The recession or as I like to call it, a depression has crushed all of our ‘American Dreams’ as most of us have given up hope that maybe one day they will fulfill their hopes and dreams.

Another issue that has caught my attention and the medias attention is that our involvement in other countries’ disputes has been pure chaos. In our opinion we have spread ourselves far too thin across the globe that we cannot even handle our own issues at the moment. George Washington had stated in his Proclamation of Neutrality that he did not want our nation to become “The International Police Force” but had wanted us to be neutral amongst all nations. 

Mister President, I have complete faith in you that you will fix the country, and the broken and sadden hearts of your good American people. Like all good things, it won’t happen right away but please will you try your best on adding new jobs and coming up with some new ideas to fix the economy; maybe some new environmentally friendly jobs?  If the American people all share one common goal: fixing the economy; then we should all forget our differences and unite to form one problem-solving nation. 


If this actually reaches you Mr. Barack Obama; the thought of you not caring burdens my mind not for my own well being, but for the millions of people that are faced with this struggling economy each and everyday. Mister President, as you stated during the 2008 Presidential Election that you wanted change; be the change, for our generation.




Sincerely Yours,

Gabrielle *******             Dana *********



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