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TX Governor R. Perry proclaim April 25th Parental Alienation Awareness Day

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To: TX Governor Rick Perry The TEXAS FAMILY CODE INCLUDES: Sec. 101.025. "Parent-child relationship" means the legal relationship between a child and the child's parents as provided by Chapter 160. The term includes the mother and child relationship and the father and child relationship. Sec. 153.001. The public policy of this state is to: (1) assure that children will have frequent and continuing contact with parents who have shown the ability to act in the best interest of the child; (2) provide a safe, stable, and nonviolent environment for the child; and (3) encourage parents to share in the rights and duties of raising their child after the parents have separated or dissolved their marriage. Sec. 153.002. BEST INTEREST OF CHILD. The best interest of the child shall always be the primary consideration of the court in determining the issues of conservatorship and possession of and access to the child. ----------------- The above means NOTHING when Innocent children are being significantly emotionally impaired, mentally altered, and damaged by the affects of (PA)Parental Alienation. Children are being subject to brainwashing, bribery, and made to feel a sense of guilt for any happiness w/the other parent. They are used as a weapon against the other parent; and brought into malicious agendas against a targeted parent. At mimimum Children suffer in the destruction of a once healthy & loving relationship shared with a parent. For the child, such damage can last well into adulthood, a lifetime in some cases, and be the cause of tragic consequences. HOW DOES ALIENATION OCCUR The alienating parent may use a number of techniques, including but not limited to: Leading the child to believe it is his or her choice as to whether or not to spend time with the other parent;& using bribery to discourage the child wanting to see the other parent. Attacking the other parent's character, lifestyle, & planned activities with the child. Putting the child in the middle, by encouraging the child to spy on the other parent or take messages back and forth. Emphasizing the other parent's flaws and/or encouraging a lack of respect for the other parent. Lying to the child; and having the child also lie to the other parent. Attempting to have the child consider the other parent worthless and of no importance in the child's life. Discussing court battles between the parents with the child, and encouraging the child to take sides. Making the child think there is reason to be afraid of the other parent. Lying about how the other parent treats the child. If this is done frequently enough, the child may begin to believe even preposterous suggestions. Rewriting history, such as suggesting to the child that the other parent never cared for him or her, even as an infant. The child has no memory of prior events and so can't determine whether the alienating parent is telling the truth or not. WHAT CAUSES PARENTAL ALIENATION What causes a parent to want to damage the relationship of their own child with the other parent, at their own child's expense Intentions differ from one parent to the next, but psychologists have suggested the following as potential motivators: An alienating parent may have unresolved anger toward the other parent for perceived wrongs during the relationship, and may be unable to put the child's wellbeing above spiting the other parent An alienating parent may have unresolved issues from their childhood, particularly in how they related to their own parents, which he or she projects onto the other parent (whether or not it is factually accurate). An alienating parent may have a personality disorder, such as narcissism or paranoia, which makes him or her unable to empathize with the child's feelings or see the way their behavior is harming the child. Such personality disorders may also make the alienating parent more likely to be jealous of the other parent's adjustment to the breakup, and cause the alienating parent to have extreme rage toward the other parent. An alienating parent may be so insecure as to his or her own parenting skills that he or she denigrates the other parents skills, regardless of reality. An alienating parent may see the child's relationship with the other parent as a threat. There ARE parents whom are making every effort to alienate the affection a child has for the other parent; and w/out regard to the detriment of their own child. CHANGES NEED TO OCCUR IN THE TEXAS FAMILY CODE TO PREVENT MORE CHILDREN FROM BEING DAMAGED BY THIS GROWING EPIDEMIC!


Parental Alienation Awareness Day-April 25th..For The Children WHAT CAUSES A CHILD TO BUY INTO THE ALIENATING PARENTS'S BRAINWASHING The child may: Feel the need to protect a parent who is telling the child the other parent is wronging them Want to appease and avoid the anger or rejection of a dominant parent, who is also often the custodial parent Want to hold onto the parent the child is most afraid of losing, such as a parent who is self-absorbed or not very involved with the child. In choosing to go along with the viewpoint of the alienating parent, the child can avoid conflict and remove him or herself from the constant tug-of-war. An alienated child is brainwashed, bribed, and can take on learned behaviors in all areas of their life ie lack of self responsibility, respect,honesty in school, and w/others. Their thought process has been impaired as their wellbeing has been damaged. In 1994, approximately 2.4+ million North Americans obtained divorces, including the parents of more than one million children under the age of eighteen. Nearly as many unmarried couples with children will separate. Thanks to sky-high divorce rates and recent increases in the number and viciousness of child custody battles, there has been a marked increase in parental alienation.


Parental Alienation Awareness PAAO-US Dr. Warshawk Governor Perry, please join the other governors whom have proclaimed April 25th Parental Alienation Awareness Day. Not only are the children & families experiencing PA being affected. It affects all of us. These children are our future.
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