Petition for Berlin to be a bit less cold this winter

Sandrine P
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3 Signatures Goal: 100

Because there is no way we can go outside to go party with that weather.
Because there is only as many layers you can wear.
Because the winter coats on sale at H&M are not THAT warm.
Because there is a limit to everything.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION FOR A WARMER BERLIN... especially during winter....

Danke schon!

When we reach as many signatures as there is of minus degrees then we will send the signed petition to Angela Merkel so she can find a solution for the Berliners.

If it works well, we might even re-open Bar 25 and Club der Visionaere earlier than expected.

Thank you meine Freunden and please forward this petition to all your Freunden! The more, the warmer we will get!!! :-)


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