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Ban Consumer Fireworks in Bellingham, Washington

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To express your support of a total ban, within the City of Bellingham, of the sales, possession and use of consumer fireworks, please sign this on-line petition.

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1. This on-line petition addressesconsumer fireworks, the kind that terrorizeyour pets snd wild animals,leavedebris in your yard and onyour roof andstart fires and/or cause serious injuries, NOT those staged professionally, like out over Bellingham Bay each year.

2. This on-line petition is fundamentally different from one you may haveactuallysigned in the past.It has nolegal status and should be viewed basically as an on-line opinion poll.


I. NOISE: Bellingham's Noise Ordinance (BMC 10.24.120) prohibits "frequent, repetitive or continuous" noise from many specific sources, but does not include - or exempt - fireworks - as a source of noisedisturbance. This ordinanceobviously requires revision to recognize thatsome types of consumer fireworks can be the source of"frequent, repetitive or continuous" noise.

II.WASHINGTONSTATE REQUIREMENTS: Washington State Law (RCW 70.77.395), which sets MINIMUM State-wide requirements for when the sales and use of consumer fireworks can take place, also provides for local governments (i.e., the City of Bellingham) to ban and/or further restrict the sales, possession and use of consumer fireworks within their juristictions.

III.BELLINGHAM'S "RESTRICTIONS":Bellingham's Fireworks Ordinance (BMC 10.24.130) is ONLY MINIMALLY MORE restrictive than the Washington State Law. Legal sales are allowed for 8-days during June and July by RCW 70.77.395. BMC 10.24.130 prohibits salesin Bellingham on the 5th of July, a restriction of just a single day!Actual use during June and July is reduced in Bellingham by BMC 10.24.130, from the 8-days allowed by RCW 70.77.395,to ONLY on the 4th of July!Past experience has shown this simply does not work!

IV.OTHER BANS IN WASHINGTON: Currently more that 50 cities in the State of Washington enforce total prohibitions of consumer fireworks. Spokane, for example, (See Link at right) put such a ban in place in 1993, resulting, by 2003,in a 95% reduction in fireworks-related fires (from 1044between 1983 and 1993to 46in the 10-years following the ban)and an 87% reduction in fireworks-related injuries (from 290 between 1983 and 1993 to 37 in the 10-years after the ban). The Spokane ban, per fire department officals in Spokane, has resulted in a paradigm shift that continues to make consumer fireworks there "socially unacceptable". And this is the case in spite of Spokane's proximity to the Colville Indian Reservation, a source of fireworks - including illegal ones - much like the Lummi Reservation here in Whatcom County.

V.BOTTOM LINE: Aban of consumer fireworks has been successfulelsewherein this State and, with your support, it can work here in the City of Bellingham.Again, thank you for your interest and assistance!


Freedom From Fireworks in Bellingham, WA


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