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Belleville East teachers have told students that the reason we were given dress code was because of gang affiliation through what students were wearing and because female students were dressing too immodest. So this is why they came up with the idea of our new dress code that female student’s dresses, skirts, or shorts must come below the knee. It has now come to the point where when a female student wears a dress even an inch above her knee, she is dress-coded. Meanwhile the male students at Belleville East parade around in shorts that end at their thighs. Even I, have been dress-coded myself. Weighing in at 123 pounds and a height of 5'7, it is extremely difficult to find a dress that comes right below the knee. May I add, the dress that I was dress-coded for was a size extra-large as I truly intended to obey the dress code. But after seeing male students who are able to wear shorts broadcasting their farmer tans, whereas the female students of Belleville East are dress-coded constantly and sexualized, for showing their knees, I am outraged and won't stand for East's male biased dress code any longer. Even further when we were shown a video from one of our assistant principals, a male, reminding the students of "proper" dress code, they never mentioned anything about the male student’s dress code. It focused solely on what female students can and cannot wear. So when female student’s dresses are deemed "too short" or "immodest" for showing their knees or a few inches of thighs, I am utterly disgusted. This petition calls for immediate action taken to change the dress code. We want leeway! We want justice! We are tired of the double standard! We request the school changes the rule to 4 inches above the knee. This arises the question so what do you do when SOME students begin to abuse this new rule. I say some because not all will. The answer is simple, you do what you do now, and dress code them. It has never been a problem for a random teacher to pick me out of the hallways for my one inch above the knee dress and drag me to the office to be dress coded. Only now, the teacher will be dragging the student to the office for a 5 inch above the knee dress or higher, and this time, justifiably. Showing your kneecaps or a sliver of thigh does not make you immodest nor does it define your work ethic or ability to learn. After all it doesn’t affect the male students who show their kneecaps and a whole lot more than a sliver of thigh. Get rid of the double standard Belleville East, equality is in.

By signing this petition, you are agreeing that Belleville East High School should change their dress code rule and allow students to wear dresses, skirts, and shorts 4 inches above the knee.

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