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by Sandy Russell Gartin

Because our country seems to be in a chaotic political division with Truth seemingly under attack, we the undersigned mental health professionals, and others who might agree with this warning, wish to inform the public on official symptoms of certain mental disorders we should all be aware of when judging who and what to believe from those leading our country.

Certain mental health disorders can have a profound effect upon one's functioning, behaviors and thought processes. Understanding human behavior helps one make judgments about information being presented as "truth" before making decisions, particularly decisions that can affect millions of lives.

According to and as outlined in the DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, "certain criteria serves as a universal authority for psychiatric diagnoses". We feel it is imperative that the public become aware of certain symptoms of mental disorders we can see displayed when individuals running for office appear on television numerous times revealing their personalities and characters. We thus need to be aware of criteria that allows us to judge for ourselves their philosophies, beliefs and laws they wish to implement that can affect our lives, our country and our planet for years to come.

Although we don't know these people personally, we should begin to see a display of certain patterns of behavior by those who could be in control of our rights, liberty and pursuit of happiness and we must decide accordingly whom we choose to trust and support based on a more educated insight into who they really are and what they are saying.

We do not intend to diagnose any one person presently without a professional examination but merely to offer a broader knowledge when trying to separate fact from fiction, to believe or not in "alternative truths" or to judge just what is being said.


  • A grandiose belief of self importance
  • A fixation of infinite success, control, brilliance
  • A preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success and power
  • A need for excessive admiration
  • A lack of empathy
  • Envy of others or belief others are envious of him
  • A credence that he is extraordinary and exceptional and can only be understood by or be associated with other extraordinary or important people or institutions
  • A sense of entitlement
  • Interpersonally oppressive behavior

One must display at lease 5 of these behaviors to be diagnosed as having this Disorder.

Please also note that many people have narcissistic traits that can be considered healthy and do not display what is called a "Disorder".


Delusional disorders are divided into Bizarre Delusional Disorder and Non-Bizarre Delusions. The patient expresses his/her beliefs with unusual force and persistence and the beliefs exert an inordinate effect on the patient's life, often altering or dominating it. The Non-Bizarre Delusion is usually something that may be true although extremely unreasonable as opposed to a Bizarre Delusional Disorder which belongs in the category of fantasy and cannot be seen as real under any circumstances. Questioning the Non-Bizarre belief elicits an inappropriately strong emotional reaction from the patient who is overly sensitive and humorless. When the patient is highly invested emotionally in the belief, other elements of the psyche may be overwhelmed.


This Disorder is characterized by a lack of regard for the moral or legal standards in the local culture. There is a marked inability to get along with others or abide by societal rules. There is also a complete lack of empathy towards others coupled with an inability to conform to the norms of society. Other symptoms are a lack of remorse, lying, stealing, impulsive behavior and violating the rights of others.

When faced with situations that don't appeal to them, they often tend to resort to aggression, threats and verbal abuse.

Narcissists and Sociopaths can be extremely charming and exceedingly manipulative. They surround themselves with sycophants who feed the narcissistic ego but when no longer useful they are discarded, sometimes brutally.

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